Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Getting up this morning was successful, due to the very simple idea of moving the alarm clock across the room and setting it for ALARM, as opposed to RADIO, since it is much too inviting to lie in bed and listen to Carl Kasell. The alarm noise also makes the cat jump off me. That's convenient, too.
Running along Creek Road, it occurred to me that I should go a different way and take that new road leading to the newest part of a new development. Oh, brother, is it uphill! And it reminded me of the above picture, which I've used before, except there are no sidewalks. Oh, wait, the houses are four times bigger, too, and the street is much wider--well, anyway, it must've just been the hill, and the light of day coming. The full moon was still visible this morning, too. There is one particular house at the top of this hill, which will have a very nice view of the creek when it's finished. This entire area was once a wild wheat field with golden finches swooping up and down, the way they do, but now I'm seeing an unfamiliar bluish bird. I made a point of coming back this way after running my loop through the older neighborhood, and by the time I came back, the quietness was gone, replaced by the noises of the work crews. Those beeping backing-up sounds are almost as appealing as my alarm clock.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, I'm going to see if I can make myself do a treadmill workout, to work on getting back into better shape. This run took me way too long.
Speaking of changes, though, this lovely schedule of mine, which affords me all this time in the morning, is not going to last forever*, and I know it. I won't be bitter, though, change can be good.
And I better get myself in gear if I'm going to make my lunch, get dressed, and vote before work! Have a great day, everyone!
*TWO of my young coworkers have added a DUI to the life's experiences, and will soon forfeit their licenses. Their early-morning schedules will need to change, and I know who'll replace them. It's okay.


Nessa said...

Your run sounds invigorating. i know you are resigned, but don't you hate having to pay for someone else's mistakes?

Tuesday's Tales #1 - John

TLP said...

The weather today was lovely.

Though you have told me of these young ladies' misadventures, I still marvel at them. It's not as if they didn't have all the perks. They just are blowing their lives.

JAllgood said...

Alarm clock across the room... I did that in college with it set loud on a local country music station(I detest country music). I went thru a great deal of roommates my first 2 years but I got those wonderful morning runs in. It sounds like a wonderful run and it inspires me to start trying to do the same thing. Thanks!

Bone said...

Maybe it's the bird from that song... Here to stay is a new bird.

There's only one way to know for sure. Did this new bird sing a love song as you went along?

Doug said...

How did I miss an Actonbell post?

Your money-counting fingers will be in great shape.