Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's beautiful out there.

...Too bad I'm stuck inside most of the day. At least I get to look outside constantly, not like those nine years I spent in a warehouse. Nine years! It's a good thing I have such a nice family and such a stable home life, because I get truly bored and, I must admit, lonely at work. Of course, it's better than being harassed, bothered, and stressed out the way I was in my past employment.

The loneliness stems from being a middle-aged woman working with a bunch of very young women. This is not a feature of all branches of this particular bank, but it's true of ours, and it's a different experience for me. It means that I'm left out of a lot of the drama, but it also means that I'm a stranger, an alien. It can be really hard to converse, especially on slow days, when there isn't much to do. Why is it so hard to connect with these young women? It's hard to explain, but the fact is, their lives are anything but settled, and I never know what to expect. They seem to get sick a lot, and a couple have shown up for work incapacitated by grief over the fact that some guy doesn't love them anymore. And it seems that most of them have to have a boyfriend all the time--they can't just be "single" for long. I have no idea how to comfort them about such trials, because I would never have shared this kind of personal stuff with coworkers. Never.

And they're always texting someone. At any given time, it might not matter what my verbal reply is, anyway, because they're already having a conversation with someone else and not paying attention to me, anyway. Texting, texting. Texting has made the newspaper in these parts because of a few fatal accidents caused by texting. I'm about ready to say that texting while driving--TUI, if you will--should be just as bad a penalty as a DUI.

And speaking of DUI, one of my young coworkers (I'll call her Marilyn because she's exceptionally pretty and has a breathy voice) recently joined the ranks of those charged with DUI. I would feel sorry for her, except that she's already had experiences with alcohol that should have given her pause. Notably, that time she was downtown drinking with a gaggle of friends, when they ended the evening by piling into Marilyn's car, and then Marilyn proceeded to back into a police officer. He didn't even make her step outside the vehicle. She left with his phone number, but it never occurred to her that he was trying to pick her up--oh, no, she thought she'd better call, or she'd be in big trouble. Marilyn has also been hospitalized twice for alcohol poisoning, and on one of these occasions, a cop was called to the event. She was underage at that time, but again, she got away without any legal problems. Marilyn's twenty-three now, she's gotten her way about which hours she works, and I'm looking forward to seeing if she still gets her way, when Mama has to drive her to work every single day for three months.

This will be only mildly intriguing, though, and I predict we'll all be dancing around Marilyn, which is a story line not worth the intrigue. My least favorite coworker, Badash, just announced to me yesterday that she will be getting her license back this week, and I didn't bother telling her that I hadn't been aware of her plight (underage drinking). That's another thing: these young ladies, especially Badash, seem to think that the rest of the troupe is waiting around, impatient for their little life updates. Will this be the legacy of Facebook, or Twitter?

How normal is this? If I'd ever been arrested for anything other than civil disobedience, I'd feel horrible. Beyond horrible! But these young women do not. They're practically rolling their eyes, it's just a stupid inconvenience to them. Marilyn was so angry the night of her DUI, that she hurled her cell phone away, somewhere. It's the third phone she's "lost" that way. She says her parents tried to take it away from her. This may have something to do with that minor accident she had while--texting. I didn't ask.

Actually, I'm beginning to feel better about not having too much to say to them. Thanks for your time, though.

I will, because I can just roll my eyes--secretly. I'll deal with the boredom and breathe in and out when these kids aren't showing the work ethic I no longer expect, anyway. It's just a minor inconvenience.


Nessa said...

I share your boredom. I can't even pretend interest in these chippees. Their little dramas will be the highlights of their lives.

Doug said...

Hahaha. Glad I could help. They really are a different species, aren't they?

Tom & Icy said...

Maybe they have to text on a phone because they can't hear due to listening to all that loud weird music. I've often wondered why they text on a phone when they could just talk to them, unless maybe texting is send and then can be read at a later time, sort of like us blogging and our friends can read it at their convenience. Called time-shift. Like recording tv shows and watching them later. And these youngens will be saying the same thing about the youth when they get older.

Logophile said...


Sounds like an uncomfortable environment in a number of ways but windows are lovely.

Wish I was close enough to pop in from time to time to do my banking.
Sounds like you are the teller I would prefer

TLP said...


These are children of privilege. If they weren't young, pretty, and white, the story of their DUI's would be different I think.

They won't always be young and pretty. Things will change.

Love the mean bunny.

JAllgood said...

Oh, I've been in those shoes before; mostly as a manager. It's lonely and frustrating. You hope these young will wake up.

My current situation I'm dealing with a mid-30's & early-50's, and I hate to say it but it's not much better. They seem to be competeing in drama and the number of sick days they take...

Hang in there!

But I LOVE the mean Bunny!

Ariel the Thief said...

Poor spoilt children. They are so angry when life gets in their way.

tsduff said...

I would be appalled and want to curl up in a ball and disappear if I had a DUI or something like that. Hard to understand those gals' flip attitudes. I'm with Logo - rather be in your line anyday!

Bone said...

I've never been arrested. (Knock on wood.) It's one of my proudest accomplishments.

I rarely text when I drive. Too often it interferes with trying to eat, or shave.