Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Today is actually a beautiful Wednesday here, and it happened to be my day off! So, Mom and I went walking around City Island, where we wandered around, observing all the construction that's going on around the Senator's baseball arena and watching birds, until we got to the miniature golf course. No one was there except a guy blowing leaves off the course, so Mom poked around and yelled something like yoo-whoooo until she got the leaf blower's attention. He said something like, whadayawant? Then he was very nice, and let us play for free! He thought he shouldn't charge us because of all the leaves and such.

We had a very fun time playing, and laughing over the fact that this course is beautiful, but three times more evil than it is beautiful. There are curb cuts that are strategically placed to let your ball fly into the water, under the rocks, and generally out of sight. Also, surfaces that looked perfectly flat were not.

It's hard to see all the golf balls in this picture, but believeyoume, plenty of people had a more arduous time putting through this 18-hole course than we did! Mom won, 59 to 73.

We had Indian for lunch, then poked around Tuesday Morning, which is always fun. It's one of those stores where the merchandise varies from week to week, so it's part shopping trip, part museum excursion.

Good times! It was important, since I'm facing seven days in a row working. Woe is I.

Thanks, Mom:)


Doug said...

Woe IS you, but starting tomorrow. Looks like a grand day today. Did you find a Hallowe'en costume?

(Mom and I talk)

Bone said...

Gorgeous backdrop on that one putt.

I've never been in a Tuesday Morning. For some reason, I always thought it was a religious store. But now that I google it, I'm thinking not :)

Nessa said...

Poor baby. Nice Mommy.

Wordless Wednesday - King of the Field

TLP said...

*sigh* I told you 3 times to use the thin-lens on me!

It was a most enjoyable day! I love spending time with you.

Jocelyn said...

You guys are adorable. And I love your shoes.

Now THAT'S a Wednesday!

Fred said...

Great view. Great company. Great day.

Ariel the Thief said...

TLP has wrapped him around her finger! I am not at all surprised!