Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plumb Week

We're back. We're back home. We're back home, where everything is ordinary. Everything is ordinary, as in ordinary food, ordinary beds, ordinary yard, and--ordinary sinks. No one wants to see a picture of our sinks, but these are worth gazing at, so I did, and then decided that a picture would definitely last longer.

This is not a sink.

Reminiscent of a salad bowl? My mother would love the heavy cloth napkins that are provided, in lieu of ordinary towels.

This one was a poser. See the pretty octagon pattern? Now, see those silver X thingies? When you turn them, the water will come.

Another glass bowl, this one without a counter. The mirrors and tile create a modern look.

I love the stripes in this restroom, as well as the tubular vanities. And I didn't catch myself in the mirror. This is a plus.

These basins seemed particularly well suited for their location outside a Japanese restaurant.

These look like kettle drums, don't they? Each restroom, a different experience...

And this deep bucket style is to be found outside a bar that was styled after a Mayan Pyramid.

Because of the rough economy and the hysteria over the swine flu, tourism is way down in Mexico. At our favorite resort, an Iberostar complex of five different hotels, business was so devasted that two of those hotels were simply closed, and anyone who reserved space in them got automatic upgrades. We got a terrific deal this year, which was a wonderful opportunity, and we certainly enjoyed the week. However, I can't bring myself to hope that we can afford the same sweet spot we got this year again; it could spell the end of something beautiful that employs so many nice, hardworking people.

And besides, it felt strange to have the public restrooms to myself so often. 'Twas a rare photo op.


Ariel the Thief said...

Hurray welcome back!

With refined taste you always know what dress to wear to a sink. I admire it.

actonbell said...

LOL, Ariel! Speaking of proper attire, I simply had to crop myself out of the first one. It was way too close to the swimming pool:)

Doug said...

I agree with Ariel. The basins are creative but the mirrors are art.

Doug said...

Ariel distracted me. I wanted to ask if there will be any coati pictures.

actonbell said...

Doug, I do have coati pictures--I'll add some over at the other blog...

Fred said...

Welcome back! But then again, since I've been a lazy blogger, I didn't know you were gone. So, off I go to read all the posts I've missed.

We have seven kids out of school due to the swine flu. I have two bottles of hand sanitizer in my classroom.

I'm praying I don't get it.

Doug said...

Dang, I missed the pun in the title the first time. That was a good one!

actonbell said...

It's great to see you back too, Ariel!
Thank you Doug, twice:)
Sorry to hear about the sick kids, Fred. Gee, I hope you don't catch that, either!

Logophile said...

Puns about how my plumbing leaves me with a sinking feeling after enjoying those gorgeous specimens will be omitted :p
Aren't you relieved?
tee hee
I can't stop!

actonbell said...
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Bone said...

I like the different shades of green tile one.

But the real question is, were seat covers provided? Or was there hovering going on? :)

Welcome back!