Sunday, September 06, 2009

Important questions that must be answered.

I've just learned that Ekim and I have been into tegestology for years. How 'bout that? That's just a fancy way of saying that we collect beer mats. We pick them up when we're on vacation, and other people do that for us, too. The ones pictured here were spread out on the floor by me some months ago in an attempt to find some duplicates, so that I could use those to line a beer basket I was putting together as an auction item for a local charity. I haven't even looked at the ones I put in albums some years ago for--years.

(click on photos for a better look)

So, now that the collection has gotten rather large, the question is, should I attempt to organize them? And how would I do that--by country, or just alpabetically? It might be fun to frame some of the sets (such as that yellow and black soccer set) and hang them downstairs around the treadmill...and some of the prettier duplicates could be made into refrigerator magnets, but that would only take care of some of them.

However I organize these, I suppose I'll need a looseleaf binder, so as to insert mats in the proper place as each comes along...

There are one hundred and one more practical things I could be doing, but this is what comes to my mind!


Doug said...

Your tegestological collection reminds me of AP3's gee-gaws. Blood will tell, especially once it's been sorted.

Logophile said...

I refuse to collect things because I tend to think of them as things that require dusting.
YOU, on the other hand, have found the perfect item.
I think organizing them is a great idea, way better than any of that practical nonsense!

TLP said...

Do anything and everything that you want to do with them. You have enough to do LOTS of things.

Practicality is way overrated.

Liam said...

Now there is a word I had no idea existed.

Bone said...

Quite a collection. This makes me feel like I should be collecting something. I've got a bunch of ticket stubs I've saved through the years--movies, concerts, ballgames and such--but what could I do with those? I started trying to collect the 50 state quarters, but then I kept needing a quarter here and there so I kept spending them.

The Lazy Iguana said...

That is actually very cool! You have some neat ones there.