Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy Hump Day

This humpday isn't a real humpday, since most of us had Monday off. It still feels like mine because I'm halfway to Friday, when we'll be leaving for vacation (woot woot).

If you check out Bing today, you will see one adorable pig picture! I wasn't aware of this, but late summer is typically the time of year for state fairs. I vaguely remember going to a fair in Bigerville, as a kid, but don't remember much about the animals. I was probably a tad bored.

Seeing these pictures of cute pigs makes me feel relieved that I ate vegetarian last night, as if that would save the Homers of the world. And yet, it's better to not have eaten pork and then get up to such endearing photos of pigs.

We were having dinner with Rick, an old friend of mine from college who is visiting down in these parts from Fairbanks, Alaska. He has had the pleasure of seeing his family and friends during this hectic but happy trip, and has made several trips to BWI and back to pick up family members coming from here and there to surprise his mother for her 70th birthday. The surprise part was a huge success because her birthday is in November. What a novel idea!

Speaking of driving to BWI, all three of us will be somewhere in BWI this Saturday morning.

THIS Saturday.


Doug said...

I've learned to love big-eyed critters as friends and food. Have a great vacation.

And yeah, November is always a surprise in September. That's just plain old out-of-box thinking. Happy vacation! Regards to the Coatis!

TLP said...

Hello to Rick.