Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Things didn't get get out of hand until Wednesday, really. I did manage to get the trash and recycling bin out to the curb, but thought that the laundry could wait until the weekend. I was wrong about that; I got up to run on Thursday morning and realized that I was down to my last sport bra, the one I've avoided wearing for quite some time, and my last pair of acceptable socks. I need to wear socks that completely cover my ankles because if I don't, I will kick myself black and blue and bloody. I've always wondered how many seconds per mile I waste doing this, but I digress.

I got to bed very late on Thursday night because I couldn't sleep and because I wanted to answer an email from an old high school friend, which got rather lengthy. I mean, my missive was long, probably scaring off this person for a very long time. When I was ready to turn in, I realized that I'd taken the sheets off the bed that morning to wash, along with my running stuff, so I pondered a bit, considering the idea of just sleeping on the futon for the night and putting off sheet-installment 'til the next day, but decided against such procrastination.

When I got home from work today, I tried to sort through the mail and throw away stuff, I really did, but it was awfully daunting. When I finally folded the clothes that had been sitting in the dryer all day ( and night), I had to iron. Iron.

Oh, I think I forgot to empty the dehumidifier today...and the yard needs to be mowed.

I wouldn't last long, living alone. I'd be buried in laundry, packed lunches, trash, and mail. It's a good thing that I've gotten attention from our parents, or I'd have eaten nothing but popcorn, leftover pizza, and beer all week.
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And some souls aren't any help. Ekim returns in less than a week...I'll try to have things under control.


Doug said...

Can you wear Ekim's socks in the meanwhile?

Jocelyn said...

I so identify. There are never enough minutes in the day for all the piddly stuff that adds up into heaps. Hang in there!

TLP said...

LOL. Housework makes you ugly. Stay pretty. Ekim will feel needed when he gets home.

Liam said...

Hey I know all about being swamped with things to do. Sometimes there is just not enough time in the month let alone the day.

Bone said...

I do the same thing with underwear. There are definitely a couple of boxers that are always last out of the drawer, if they see the light of day at all.

And I HATE when I'm ready to collapse only to realize the sheets are still in the dryer.

I really should hire some help. Of course, then I couldn't afford to eat.