Monday, July 06, 2009

Into July

There hasn't been much to write about lately, nothing that would seem at all interesting. Work--that j.o.b. I report to--is still a bit wacked out, things changing up constantly, plenty of unhappy coworkers, enough drama and paranoia going around to make things generally unpleasant, even if you're trying hard not to pay attention it. Breathe in, breathe out...

We've caught two movies on Netflicks recently, both very good and very depressing: Rachel Getting Married and Elegy. Movies that revolve around weddings usually contain a good dose of humor, but the former movie had none of that, while the theme of the latter was death. It's just a happy carefree life, over here at Acton & Ekim's!

It's been an unusually cool, rainy season, so far. Corn that's supposed to be "knee high by the Fourth of July" looks to be hip high, to me. I love corn. We passed by Hershey Park yesterday, and the area was unusually quiet, as were those roadside stands selling fireworks. It was a lovely day, as it is today--but cooler and less humid that usual. I should go catch some of this sunshine.

It's taking me forever to get through my latest read, but not because it's no good. I'm in one of my bluish periods that will pass, and having a little trouble staying focused, and guess what? This book is rather--depressing. Perhaps it's a mid-life crisis. I should just go for a run, but.


So, I'm sittin' here doin' nuthin' and so my mom calls and it turns out she's doin' the same thing, so we decide to go do it together. Nuthin's always better with company. So, we went to see the riverfront music fest, and watched a belly dancer and drank a beer and ate sweet potato fries. It really was a perfect day. Reminded me of a song...Saturday, in the park, in think it was the fourth of July...except this was Sunday in the park, and it was definitely the fifth of July. Only happens every seven years, I suppose. So anyway, I had my nap and my sunshine, too.

Things are looking so much better.


Nessa said...

Sounds like Sunday ended up very nicely for you.

I'm going to the midnight showing of harry Potter next week. A tradition my daughter and I have.

TLP said...

Note to Doug: different belly dancer, in a very different place.

It was a nice day all in all. Good to do nuthin' with a friend.

Tom & Icy said...

I often wondered if sad stuff around us made us sad or if when we are sad we look to the sad stuff. Art imitate life or life imitate art?

Cheesemeister said...

I guess my j.o.b. comparatively isn't that bad. The administrators are idiots and the hours suck, but the co-workers pretty much get along.

Logophile said...

mmmm sweet 'tato fries, delish!

I've been reading Fforde's Friday Next series of books. Very light-hearted reading but I have The Falls awaiting attention. Better get to it soon, the library will be wanting it back soon.

Naps and sunshine sound really good to me.

Sean P. Farley said...

Oh my, I know all about those bluish periods. But it sounds like things got better! How was "Rachel Getting Married"? I heard Anne Hathaway was amazing.

Bone said...

Nothing like a belly dancer for what ails ya.

We had a very hot and dry June. No complaints from me!

Jocelyn said...

I hope the blues pass soon--running and reading are my best suggestions, for sure!