Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ultimate Day of June

This is the last day of June, People. Do. Not. Forget to rabbit, rabbit tomorrow morning!

In June
I saw a charming group
of roses all begin
to droop.
I peeped them up
with chicken soup!
Sprinkle once
sprinkle twice
sprinkle chicken soup
with rice.

(Maurice Sendak)

Bye, bye, June of 2009. Hard to believe that in just four short days, we will hit the middle of the year.


Minka said...

Yeah, we're almost independent again. What do you know about that?

TLP said...

Love the pix! You find the very best ones.

Tom & Icy said...

Does the rabbit rabbit pick up digital digital?

Nessa said...

It's just wrong. Where did it all go?

G said...

Rabbit, rabbit if I don't make it back in time...does that count?

Sean P. Farley said...

What does that mean? Is that a reference to that whole HD stuff and tvs? Anyhooz...happy 4th!