Monday, June 01, 2009

Rabbit, rabbit

Rabbit, rabbit!! Good luck in June! JUNE???? This year is whizzing by, bye bye.

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Despite the fact that I had to work on Saturday, it was a great weekend. It wasn't until late afternoon on Sunday when I heard (on NPR) that Dr. George Tiller had been slain at The Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kansas. How horrible, shocking, scary, and sad for his family and friends and everyone who attends his church, and how ironic that a self-righteous criminal should shoot and kill Tiller in a "house of god." It will be most interesting to find out what kind of Christian the slayer is supposed to be.

Concerning that little problem I mentioned in my last post: evidently, PennDot's records simply showed a typo/error, making the first digit in my social security number a 9, which would indicate a TIN number for tax purposes used by a non-U.S. citizen. These letters were supposed to capture illegal aliens using other people's SSN's. I suppose it would be overly dramatic to call myself a dolphin caught in a tuna net, but--it was alarming and damned inconvenient.

Have a great first week of June--it always feels like the beginning of summer.


Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit.

Yeah, Frau Braun didn't come from nowhere.

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit. June is bustin' out all over.

Tom & Icy said...

Santa was a sleigher, or he rode in a sleigh. I mean, what does a soothsayer say? The sooth? That's a real word that means truth, I just now discovered that. Think I need a nap... Rabbit Rabbit.

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Doug!

You can say that again, Mom:)

Vely Clevel, Tom, impressive:)

Nessa said...

Bunny, bunny. Cute poster.