Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of Jerkiness and Luckiness

This past weekend was a very busy one which started early Saturday morning, and became all the busier because I put my stupidest foot forward. Actually, I put my heaviest foot on the gas pedal on a curvy spot in a road where the road was still very wet from all the rain we'd had the previous evening. And previous day, and the day before that...anyway, I learned that one could hydroplane in one second flat. Shhh, I haven't admitted this mistake to most other people who didn't see the front right wheel of my poor, adorable little '95 Geo after I skidded and slammed into the curb.

I got to my destination, but it was obvious that not only was the wheel damaged, but the car was seriously out of alignment. To drive in a straight line, I had to keep the steering wheel cocked to the left. Already frazzled and upset, I became absolutely annoyed and vexed with the way everyone who saw that wheel knew exactly what I'd just done. You hit a curb. Of course, these are people who get up early in order to annoy me, but this time, I'd driven in with a KICK ME sign on my forehead. Nothin' I could do about it.

Ekim came to the rescue, of course, putting on my spare and driving ahead of me home, in case I had problems. Then, it was off to the nieces' graduation! It was a lovely, festive day in the park, exciting and happy! What a morning. It looked like the whole community was there. Ekim and I got to congratulate the girls and their proud parents, and then had a very nice lunchtime with my parents (TLP and Niks).

And then--Ekim raised the question should we repair this car? He thought not, and--facing what I'd done to it, I had to agree. Wheel, tire, alignment, and something under there looked bent. This looked hideously expensive for a car that's been around for fourteen years.

We went from lunch to used car shopping. It was a most productive day. We searched several lots, got a couple prices, and then settled on a 2006 Saturn Ion, the nicest car I've ever owned.

I don't deserve this car, and I feel guilty about wrecking and leaving my little red friend behind, but--I do love this Ion. I can't help it. I was lucky that I wasn't hurt, lucky I didn't hurt anyone or anything else, lucky that I didn't even miss an event, and lucky that we were able to buy me another car, and so quickly. No one was even inconvenienced.

AND, they're inspecting it for me, on my day off.
Wow. This is how I feel.

I've been telling people that it was just time to replace the Geo. I don't feel the need to advertise the fact that I do stupid things--that's obvious enough.


Nessa said...

You new motor is adorable. You do deserve a new car.

Tom & Icy said...

Not stupid. Normal. That is how the subconscious mind works. If you want something like a new car bad enough, your subconscious mind causes you to do things that lead to you getting your wish. We all have a genie in our head.

actonbell said...

Thank you, Nessa:)

LOL, Tom:) Oh, I forgot to mention: I can't lose the gascap on this car cuz it's connected. That's good.

Doug said...

Sometimes your prose just kicks me. That whole second paragraph kicks me. The part about the KICK me sign kicked me. You deserve a new car but I get not wanting to let the old one go. I still have shoes I wore through a decade ago and a pickup I almost never drive anymore. And a pickup I can't drive anymore.

TLP said...

As Della and said to you when we came to see the new car:"Way to go!" I'm surprised I never thought of wrecking a car in order to get another one.

Oh. That's right: I just say, "I want another car."

Jientje said...

All's well that ends well! You've got your new car, and you're obviously very happy with it! Congratulations!

JAllgood said...

Congrats on the new car! It's a real beaux! I've been hoping that my old car will give out soon too so I could do the same thing. But darn it, it's still hanging in there. Though, I might have to consider doing something to make it happen.
P.S. Glad to hear about the gas cap--I driven off without putting one on before. OUCH!

Fred said...

Sorry about your misfortune, but I guess it turned out fine. The new car looks great.

I was considering buying a Saturn for D3 until GM just sold it. So, I'm waiting to see how the "cash for clunkers" bill works out.

Sean P. Farley said...

I agree with deserve a new car. Honestly, if you've been selfless enough to drive the same car for fourteen years (which, believe me, I have sooooo much respect for), maybe the accident was a blessing in disguise (you know, like when people get fired from jobs they hate -- you like how I made this about me? lol). But I also think your new car is beautiful, practical, and -- from what I gather about you thus far in our blog relationship -- totally you. Good job!

Bone said...

these are people who get up early in order to annoy me

So you have those, too? :)

Man, this reminds me of the time I missed a curve and skidded through someone's yard, managing to avoid hitting anything. My car drove funny for a couple of days after that.

Or the time I did a 360--actually more like a 270--on an on-ramp in the rain and didn't hit anything.

Or that time in the snow... Well anyway, congrats on the new car! It's sharp.