Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beautiful birds

I didn't know about Duck Stamps. This is an example of a Federal Duck Stamp:

Fifteen dollars??? That's right--they are not for postal use. The money goes towards conservation, and they also double as a duck-hunting license for hunters over the age of 16 and an entrance fee into wildlife preserves for birders. Conservationists and collectors buy both Federal and Junior Duck Stamps--just cuz. There is an art contest every year for the glory of being the creator of a Duck Stamp image. (The beautiful rendition of snow geese was Ron Louque's creation)

The Junior Duck Stamps are examples of artwork done by artists under the age of 18, and this particular one was created by Bonnie Latham, who was 16 years old at the time when she won this art contest.

This year's junior contest winner was another 16-year-old, Lily Spang. A competition is held at the state level, then the winners from each state go on to compete nationally. This final contest is held on Earth Day--what a neat idea. It's a great way for young people to get involved and raise money to support their environment. I wonder how I missed hearing about this.

I need to get out more, obviously.


TLP said...

I never knew about this either. Ignorance may be inherited....

But I do remember the husband of the female Police Chief in Fargo was waiting to hear about a stamp contest he was in.

Doug said...

TLP, that was exactly what came to my mind. Son-of-a-gun Gunderson.

Nessa said...

Wow, amazing art work from such young artists. Great idea, too.