Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday funnies and such

Ekim (the hubby) has that dreaded sudoku addiction, and has come to look forward to doing the one in the Sunday paper because it is especially challenging. This week's Sunday sudoku has an added challenge: size. This might be the funniest misprint I've seen in a long time.


We're having a beautiful weekend here, though I've wasted lots of it! The heat is here, which means that if I'm serious about running more than I have been, then I will need to get my lazy bones up early. EARLY. I ran on Friday afternoon and had to will myself to finish, but this morning (midmorning, already 82 degrees), I found myself walking the last quarter of a mile. My usual route finishes uphill, and I can't do it in the heat anymore.

This is a strangely-configured weekend for me, since I have job-related training late on Memorial Day, 3pm-9pm, and the day after. Graciously, I get Wednesday off, so that's a long break from the same old-same old.


Today is Michael Chabon's 46th birthday. Coincidentally, I just happen to be reading one of his stories now. (The link provides the scoop on what we missed when he visited Ekim's alma mater recently).

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Doug said...

I bet Ekim finishes that in record time.

I hope fatherhood doesn't make Chabon too dull.

TLP said...

I've the horrid NY Time crossword addiction as you know. I'm still working Saturday's puzzle. Some obvious answers weren't obvious enough to me, for example: "Its symbol is a globe composed of jigsaw puzzle pieces." Turned out to be "Wikipedia" That should NOT have been hard! But it was for me.

Jocelyn said...

I just ordered Ayelet Waldman's new book (isn't she Chabon's wife?), so I'm going to pretend that's meaningful, since you mentioned him. Hee.

Kind of sucks on the Memorial Day training...but at least Wed will feel good. Perhaps you can get up at 5 a.m. on Wed to RUN.

Fred said...

That's the only way I'd ever be able to complete a sudoku puzzle.

Logophile said...

They really want to make sure you got last week's puzzle right, hm?

Training on Memorial Day, which is a bank holiday seems soooo wrong, but not as bad as running when the weather is in the 80s or 90s, bleck

I am such a Northwesterner

Bone said...

Ooo, it's a reverse sudoku! You take the numbers out! But how do you know which ones to take out?

The sudokus in our local paper get progressively challenging as the week goes on, starting with the easiest on Mondays. When I did them, I could usually get through Wednesdays, occasionally Thursdays, but never Fridays.

And that cryptoquote? Do ya'll have those? Man! I'd have better luck trying to fly a plane.