Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've never given out so much money in one day. What is up with people wanting to walk around with thousands of dollars in cash? I used to think a few hundred was scary to have hanging from your arm or stored in a pocket, but thousands--how horribly wicked it would be to lose that. And since no teller stores such an amount in an individual drawer, that means walking back and forth to obtain said large bills. This has made me wickedly tired. Well, boredom plays a big role, it's so tedious.

Season one of Mad Men enthralled me, I devoured it, and now I hear that season two will not be available until July! I'm addicted to this one show, and it has to be so unattainable. That's just wickedly inconsiderate. Obviously, this isn't necessary.

I updated my browser recently, and now have dueling windows open when I first sign on, both Verizon email and Windows Search. I've never used Windows Live Search before, so I decided to try it out with the first "word" that came to mind: schnoodles. Evidently, schnoodles are for sale! And you can guess exactly what they are, I suspect.
Right now, Ekim is making siren noises, because I am BUI. I know this. It's Wednesday, after all.
Acton: Is the beer question complicated tonight...?
Ekim: No, I just want to start with a Yuengling.
Acton pulls out two Yuenglings
Ekim: Wait, you don't have any more Yuenglings.
Acton: Um, how about a Wild Goose?
Ekim: I haven't opened my Wild Goose, so if there are any Wild Goose in there, it's yours.
Acton: Oh. (puts back the second Yuengling, pulls out a Wild Goose.)
After this, things progress very smoothly.
This post was supposed to be about the book I just finished, Wicked, by Gregory Maguire. It's the enthralling novel that inspired a broadway musical. It's a wickedly fun read, and will change the way you think about Oz for evermore. Ever more. One of those. It turns out that Elphaba, who became The Wicked Witch of the West, was actually a very sympathetic, sad woman who was very much misunderstood. This is a surprisingly philosophical tale, which I most recommend to adults--ADULTS--who miss the Harry Potter series. I stressed that previous word because Maguire has written a decidedly R-rated tale, and at 406 pages, it's a bit of a time investment, as well. I thoroughly enjoyed that time.
I'd better turn in soon. That's a funny expression, isn't it? I don't have to turn in nuthin'. I mean, I'd better give up the ghost (Casper wants some privacy) and go to bed.
See you tomorrow:)


Tom & Icy said...

Gonna have to get my library card (someone stole the old one) and check out some of those books you talk about. I never believed that anyone was all good or bad.

Doug said...

Nobdody. NOBODY who has flying witches for pretty pets can be all band, Nobody.

A BUI post should be more embarrassing than this. I think you're British.

Nessa said...

I read this book I think two years ago and a couple of his others and I am sorry to say I was disappointed. While I found his concept an excellent one, I did not care for his writing or his story telling abilities. Believe it or not, I was actually bored most of the time and I really, really wanted to like them.

Siobhán said...

Not sure I follow all of this...
but I love the way you write a post.

TLP said...

I love you when you're tipsy.

Sweet writing.

ReesePie said...

Just read Wicked AND Son of a Witch. Both very good and very interesting.

You and I seem to be similarly inclined in the library.

Potter, Pratchett, Maguire...

tsduff said...

ha ha - don't you hate it when your Ma see's through you?

I have heard much bruhaha about Wicked, but had still not been persuaded to buy tix. What I HAVE done, is bought tickets to see Jackson Browne one more time in old town Oakland. - man alive I love that guy. Come August - I'll be in heaven. I may never get to see Wicked - hope I'm not missing anything.

actonbell said...

Tom, you're right, of course--no one's totally wicked, and libraries are more fun than most people realize.

haha, Doug. Aren't we all.

Nessa, I'm easily amused, I think.

Thank you, Sioban:) I did jump around and fail to explain where I am.

Hi, Mom! You'll have plenty of opportunity to get tipsy on your cruise:)

That's true, Reespie. Have you read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell?

Terry, I don't think I'll ever get to see it, either. And I like Jackson Browne, too. That sounds like something to look forward to.

Jocelyn said...

I just listened to an interview with Kristin Chenowith the other night and was re-inspired to want to see WICKED. Since seeing it isn't an option right now, I think I shall take a cue from you and read it.

Oh, and I'm crazy for MAD MEN, too. To be transported to another era like that...

actonbell said...

Jocelyn, I can't help but think that the play must have had to leave out a lot of good parts.