Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Oh, let's do positive syllables!

Wish I were interesting

Wanna be fashionable

Won't be happy

Will the day end?

Wish it were spring today

Wanna have lots of time

Won't be long now

Will I be done?

Wish I were miles from here

Wanna be on the beach

Won't be long, though

Will it be fun?

Wish I could invent fun

Wanna be more lively

Won't figure how

Will I get by?
déjà vu : the feeling that you've written this before.


Tom & Icy said...

"Won't be long now." That's what the monkey said when it got its tail caught in the lawnmower.

Nessa said...

Wish I were independently wealthy

Wanna do only what I wanna do

Won't stop trying

Will get there eventually

Doug said...

Great poem.

That's funny, Icy. Good girl!

TLP said...

Well, I wish you well with this.

Winter is on its way out.

White spring heath will soon bloom.

Western travel is soon on your menu.

Went to the last post and enjoyed it a lot. Early start means early quit time. I used to start early before my brain knew what I was doing to it.

tsduff said...

Wanna be on the beach

My sentiments exactly.

Wish I were wealthy period.

Your picture is beautiful - WISH I was there. Happy Wednesday

Bone said...

Wish I were miles from here

Wanna be on the beach

Why, me too!

Wight now I'm shooting for May.