Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Those Jimmy Choo sandals are $800. Cute, but surely there's a great knock-off, somewhere, with a lower heel.

Scrabble word of the day:
jiao (also chiao)-is a unit of currency in the People's Republic of China. It's in the book, so use it:)
The big story in these parts, and I hope most other parts:

On Monday, former Pennsylvania senator Vincent Fumo was convicted on 137 counts of corruption for schemes that defrauded the state Senate and others of more than $3.5 million. Fumo's trial lasted for five months, and the jury deliberated for about six days, but the trial was almost derailed at the eleventh hour by a juror who was posting on Twitter and Facebook.

Juror Eric Wuest, 35, sent veiled messages and updates to these two social networking sites. I mention his age because I expected him to be a little younger; it seems to me that it should be common sense that "don't talk about this case" and "stay away from the media" means "don't write all your friends about what goes on in court" and "don't research the case on the internet." Are social networking sites, and technology in general, posing a threat to our court system? I think they are, but what can be done about this? It would be easy not to allow any cell phones in the court itself, but unless a jury is sequestered, there is no controlling what people do after hours. And on Facebook, people's updates can be read by hundreds of "friends," some of whom are, no doubt, strangers.

The state of Pennsylvania has problems that make twitterbugs look like nothing; there are no term limits for senators here, which allowed 30-year veteran Fumo to become outrageously powerful and influential. Obviously, the power corrupted him. Vincent Fumo joins a distressingly long list of convicted Pennsylvanian legislators. However, if we are going to seek justice for all this corruption, we need a sensible jury, people who can stay focused and completely silent on the issues of a trial until it is over. Even if Wuest did not post enough detail to get the trial thrown out, he did jeopardize its proceedings. I hope he's embarrassed.


Tom & Icy said...

Do word verifiers count in scrabble?

actonbell said...

I wish, Tom.

Doug said...

Jail should always follow the capitol. Natural as drawing a second breath.

I'm in favor of depriving jurors of their phones until I'm seated.

TLP said...

I was so mad when I found out about this. This jerk almost caused a mistrial. In fact, I'm still afraid that it might happen.

This trial cost big bucks. If it has to be repeated I think that juror should have to pay big-time.

Even I love that shoe!!!!

Bone said...

Qat, xi, and taj. I get lots of use out of those in Scrabble.