Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

You've heard I suppose, long ago,
How the snakes, in a manner most antic,
He marched to the county Mayo,
And trundled them into th' Atlantic
~William Maginn

The Gucci Bacall High Heel Sandal costs $585. Yikes! They are pretty cool, and are a wondrous green for today, though if I paid that much for a pair of shoes, I'd expect them to at least vacuum the house. I find shoe prices fascinating.

Do you like shoes, too? Why? Why do some of us like shoes so much?

Scrabble word: jole-it's synonymous with jowl.
We need all the j-words we can get, especially when we're forced to play with people who are just--smarter.

A lot of people are going out drinking tonight--ABC is always hopping with dancers--but we went out the night before, instead. I had a Purist Pale Ale, a Hoppy Trails India Pale Ale, and the Susquehanna Stout. We've been there before on St. Patrick's Day, and it's wild. However, this time, we were trying to talk and socialize with Ekim's parents, so tonight was perfect. And--I don't work tomorrow, since I'm working next weekend.

TLP is finally feeling better, so we're going to Roots, a huge farmer's market/flea market in the great Lancaster Metropolitan Area tomorrow. (That's a joke. You must laugh). I'll make sure to bring home the whoopie pies for Ekim and some specialty pickles for me. I only like special pickles, for some reason.

Speaking of green food, I like it. Food that's supposed to be green, that is. Green beer is just plain unappetizing. Asparagus, lettuce, green olives, kiwis, cucumbers, green beans, green peppers, lime jelly, broccoli, limes, and honey dew melon--they are supposed to be green, and they are all good for you, except maybe the green jelly. Green eggs and ham is just puky. I do not like them, Sam I am, anywhere. Forget about it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Get happy.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing blog layout you have. I could spend days in the library featured.

Shoes: not really a fan and certainly wouldn't pay that amount for a pair! Wellies, maybe!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a lovely comment.

CJ xx

Nessa said...

I like looking at pretty shoes but I usually were the same ones all of the time. I prefer going bare footed myself, so I can feel the shamrocks between my toes.

Tom & Icy said...

We go barefooting, too: love that gooey swishy feeling of Icy's poopy between our toes.

Bone said...

Happy St. Patty's Day. Hope you wore green today. If you don't wear green around here, you get pinched. Although, personally, I think pinching is underrated, depending on the pincher/pinchee.

SJW said...

Happy St Patrick's Day from Dublin.

TC said...

We need all the j-words we can get, especially when we're forced to play with people who are just--smarter.

That's me. I really need to find people dumber than me to play with.

I might start stalking your helpful scrabble words.