Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Went to the Movies

This doesn't happen often, folks, but my parents gave us a gift certificate for our anniversary, so we went, and saw what might be the best of the best this year. So we've heard, anyway.

We both thoroughly enjoyed this engaging story about children growing up in Mumbai's slums and how two of them find each other again, after growing up in such harrowing conditions. The game show is a vehicle for this enthralling memoir, which is paced so perfectly that the thought of missing a second of it was untenable.


In other news, I continue at the same job. It's boring, but mostly pretty easy and the annoyances are mild, so far. We seem to have constant staffing problems, sometimes due to people calling off so much. I think we need to have some kind of attendance incentive. One of the few things management did right at that crappy warehouse job I once had was the attendance bonus: workers get a nice bonus after six months of showing up, then an even nicer one for avoiding unscheduled absences for an entire year. It might sound cynical, but it worked.

But, my manager doesn't seem to be tackling the scheduling issues. We're slowly getting to know her. Today, she lead her assistance manager, the head teller, and the weekend supervisor around, all of them solemnly carrying clipboards, which they were constantly writing on, then hauled them off to a lengthy meeting, during normal banking hours. Why? Manager doesn't like the way things--look. The drive-thru area needs to be organized better, the employee closet needs to be cleaned out, etc. etc. Is this what they spent half the day talking about?

Whatever. So, since I was working in the drive-thru today, I moved the radio (which only gets used on weekends, anyway), separated the rubber bands from the paper clips--am I boring you?

This is more interesting: she wants us to set up a special bank account for special occasions, so that we can just draw money out of that to buy food for birthdays or whatever. I wouldn't mind contributing to a fund, but that's not exactly what she has in mind, oh no--not creative or fun enough. She wants a silent auction--each of us are to come up with something to offer up. Surely, we cannot sustain this kind of activity! I mean, it would have to be done regularly, unless she has some other kind of hell in mind for next time. Did I mention that most of my coworkers are students, and none of us are paid very well?

Well, I'm offering a basket of used books, all good reads, and I don't have to go out and find a basket. I'd already taken a magazine basket into work to keep in the closet, thinking that it was so much better than having magazines strewn on the floor, as they were at the time. However, Manager doesn't want that basket there anymore. Eventually, we probably won't be allowed to read anything during slow hours.

Oh, well. Perhaps this shall pass.


Tom & Icy said...

That movie sounds interesting. Mumbai is where Amhsirak Rian lives, she sometimes comments as Aim. I had a long interesting conversation with her on facebook in that private little chat box. Do any of you Pez girls belong to facebook? Oh, Bootsy says thanks for the cat pic!

tsduff said...

Hearing yet one more cool plug for this movie (yes, I've heard several already) makes me want to see it. Thanks - your endorsement is enough :) We never go to the movies - or should I say very rarely. This should be great!

Ariel the Thief said...

You are never ever boring. It is funny with bonus for showing up. You'd think people show up because they want to keep their jobs.

I don't read your review just now because I want to see that movie, and I try to know nothing about it in advance.

Yeah, Aim came to my mind first, too, when I read where the story takes place. :)

Nessa said...

Love the cat picture.

I am always amazed by how some people manage. So few people can see the real issues that need to be dealt with.

Your silent auction item sounds perfect.

TLP said...

I can't believe that the manager is so stupid as to look at surface stuff when there are important things to be addressed!

As for the silent auction part: she's insane.

There will always be stuff in my basement to offer up, but she can't require folks to BUY. I think the best way to handle birthdays is for the person having the birthday to bring in a treat. Everyone treats once a year only, no one forgets their own birthday, and as much or as little is done for one's birthday as suits the honoree. We had that system at my office for the last 15 years or so that I was there, and it worked perfectly. If you didn't want to celebrate your day, that was fine. But almost everyone did.

Jocelyn said...

What I like about SLUMDOG is that it shows enough of the gritty reality of growing up in poverty that the total fairytale Bollywood ending feels like the justice you want for those characters.

Oh, and requiring silent auction items? I think your manager has lost sight of what she can ask of employees!

Bone said...

Sounds like you need to institute a Party Planning Committee at the workplace. Since you started it, you could be the head. That would allow you to delegate responsibilities so that you could do as much or as little as you wished.

cooper said...

I really liked that movie and I don't like many movies.

Most people can't see past the surface and that is the truth.

actonbell said...

Tom, I am on Facebook, but not so often. My time at the computer is limited these days.
Terry, you'd love it. And as Jocelyn says, the end credits are fun and relieve a lot of tension.
Ariel, thank you:) and--of course you're right about work, I don't understand, either.
Thanks, Nessa!
Mom, this is gonna fall flat on its face--these kids are going to bid on anything.
Jocelyn, I agree about the ending--it was a surprise, but I loved it. And I needed the uplift!
Bone, I didn't start anything, I'm just--complaining.
Cooper, I really hope it wins Best Picture.

Doug said...

Speaking as a manager I can only say the past tense of to lead is led ;)