Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three more days?

Do we only have three more days left in January? Incredible. My official one-year work anniversary was yesterday, and the weather was pretty much the same as it was last year: cold and inclement. Yes, we have more snow and ice. And I spoke too soon about coming out of hibernation; I'm sleepy and lethargic again. My mother is being way too nice to me, too (she could let me suffer for falling asleep when I have stuff to do).

AND, I had to take Serana for her yearly distemper shot yesterday. This gets harder and harder every year. Even though she had no idea what was up, even though I had the carrier and her special beanbag thingie ready, even though I was really fast about scooping her up and experienced about shoving her in the carrier, she still managed to make it very difficult.

AND, when we get to the vet's, I always feel like a bad mother. Her ears are scummy (I've cleaned them recently, but they look bad again), her fur has mats in it (I did comb her the other day, but I never get them all), and she's continued her tradition of gradually losing weight, though this time it was very little.

Does an indoor cat need a distemper shot every year? I've heard that some vets only give them every three years. I'm beginning to think this yearly trek to the vet's is not worth the yearly torture for an elderly cat that's not in any pain. And, I must admit, I hate doing it.

However, the waiting room is always interesting. I saw my first labradoodle. They are big dogs! The one I saw looked like this:

And he was very friendly, and because the First Family has put this breed in the spotlight just now, everyone was interested in meeting him. He was interested in meeting Serena, and it always surprises me that she does not seem upset about dogs. And besides, he couldn't get at her:)

Well, it's time to go to work. Have a great Thursday, everyone!


Doug said...

The labradoodle sounds cut out for politics.

Willie and Lela are now 4 months overdue for their vet appointment but there is no constituency for going.

Ariel the Thief said...

This is the first time I hear of Labradoodle. They look pretty. Yearly visit is overrated indeed. Vets themselves say so!

TLP said...

I googled the question about how often cats need to get distemper shots, and guess what? They DO NOT need them every year! Not at all. The shot should last at least three years.

Of course, Serena may actually need to see the vet each year, but not for a shot.

TLP said...

Oh, on the subject of being nice to you: you may very well be the one who chooses my nursing home one day.