Thursday, January 08, 2009

Meatloaf again?

I suppose that's what she's saying. Cat food again? The same cat food I ate this morning, yesterday evening, and the morning before that? Must I? Why?

As humans, we may eat the same thing for breakfast every day, and maybe even the same thing for lunch, too (especially on weekdays, if we pack a lunch), but certainly not for dinner. Anyone who ate the same three meals day in and day out would be considered weird. So, if you do that, don't tell anyone. (Of course, it's okay if you eat the same thing every Wednesday. Schedules are fine.)

However, we expect our pets to eat their way through a bag of chow before we buy them another bag. If your pet is a cat, chances are she wants a different bag, next time. I think dogs are different, because they are always so eager and enthusiastic about chowtime. (Dog food! My favorite!)

(This is Serena, doing her imitation of a meatloaf.)

This may be why she's at our food all the time. We had pizza last night, and she was particularly intrusive, perhaps because this was a different Wednesday night pizza--not just the same old pizza she doesn't ever get any of.

Then again--there's no explaining cats, or people, for that matter.


Friday!!!! Weekends are good. And this particular Friday is a peculiar one at my workplace, since it is the last day for multiple people, most notably our manager. Four tellers are going different directions, too. As I've stated before, the turnover here is fast and furious.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...other than weekends.


ReesePie said...

Our cats are always interested in whatever we're having for dinner. Or any other meal.

The siamese will also eat as much of the dog food as we'll allow.

TLP said...

Face it: Serena is a begger. She has her paw out at every opportunity.

Good luck with so many new folks coming in. Play nice.

Balou said...

My cat will eat anything you put in her bowl but I have to keep her food the same for the sake of my carpeting.

Tom & Icy said...

The cat really is picky. It doesn't eat much, but often and wants something different every time, and it particularly wants whatever we are eating. The dog will look at its food and then look at me with sad eyes, but goes ahead and eats whatever I give her. The cat and dog get along great except when the cat wants what the dog has even though it is often the same.

Doug said...

Willie would eat chicken strips until he grew feathers. I suppose coworkers are like cat chow, it should be nice to get some new complaints.

Ariel the Thief said...

I read about a mortuary worker who has been living on bread and brandy and nothing else since decades. He was very fat. When he had to go to a doctor for some reason, and the doctor heard of his diet, he told him to not even try to eat or drink anything else in the rest of his life because his body is not able to handle any else type of food anymore.

tsduff said...

Our outdoor cat The Terrorist used to be an indoor cat as she is very affectionate and loves us. Trouble is she can't keep her sprayer closed... each time I feel sorry for her and try for a new start, she just performs the same old same old... and I kick myself once more.

She is a picky eater and won't eat anything but Friskies dried seafood flavor. But who am I to understand cats?