Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marking Time

January fourth was a rather important anniversary for me, and I didn't even notice it go by. January 4, 2008 was my pink-slip day for that warehouse job I'd had for almost nine years, five of which were fairly happy. I left happily, I must admit, never to drive a forklift again. I still have books I bought at that company store that remain on Mt. TBR. They are not misfit toys, however; I will get to them, when the mood hits me.

Then, later this month, I will mark one year at my present job, a vast and welcome change from my last experience. It is now, anyway; it was nerve-wracking, at first. The change was jarring and I really wasn't sure I'd made the right decision, but things feel much better now. And--it's a job, and jobs are getting harder to get.

And Wednesday is upon us, already. I generally like Wednesdays. Not because we take out the trash, do laundry, and change the sheets every Wednesday, though of course I do enjoy those activities immensely, but--it's pizza night.

I don't like any of the mornings, though. It's so hard to get out of bed, especially when it's cold, and I continue to find new ways of screwing up my morning coffee. At least I don't need an alarm clock, because Ekim always sits up a couple minutes before his goes off, so I am fully aware of what time it is. Damn. And the cat paces over me, every morning, and I shoo her off, every morning, before I finally get up and feed her and make really bad coffee.

It's a good thing mornings are only a small part of the day.

Happy humpday!


Ariel the Thief said...

Oh it was so Actonbell. I love it when you write like this. Not the worst way to start a day, Wednesday or any other. :)

Happy humpday to you, too!

Er... what exactly do you do to your coffee?

Doug said...

Mt. TBR! I like it. I call mine Mt. Paradise Alley.

Bone said...

I never learned to make coffee, so eventually I decided I just didn't like coffee. It was much easier that way.

TLP said...

One coffee scoop to 10 ounces of water. Measure it the night before while you're awake.

You know what? Even I am cold. Yep. It's been a long time since I felt cold, but it's cold.

I'm so impressed by your Wednesday schedule. And so glad I don't have a schedule.

actonbell said...

Oh, Ariel, I get creative: I decide that I will just have one cup of coffee, then accidently dump enough water in for two, out of habit. Really weak coffee is icky. Once, I filled the carafe with water, but then failed to pour it in the maker, so all I did was warm the water.

Ha! Thanks, Doug:)
Bone, I really should just give it up, but--it smells so gooooood.

Mom, if I were Ekim, I'd do that.

ReesePie said...

I'm not a morning person either. It's taken me until I was 30 to find a job that actually lets me be awake and intelligent at the right time of day.

Granted, these jobs pay less than the regular 8-5, but I'm happier.

Also, I love the Kliban cats. :)

cooper said...

oh poop ,I use one scoop for every two ounces of water, I don't think I could drink it less strong.

Yo make the mornings sound lovely with your writing.