Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I forgot!

Which is something you wouldn't see an elephant do! There was another anniversary that sailed right on by me last week--on January 9, 2000, I* adopted Serena. Her name was Sally, at that time. Good grief, who'd name a cat Sally? She is considered to be 12 years old, but I suspect she's older.
*That's I, not we, as I am often reminded:
Your cat peed on the carpet again.
Your cat is on the counter
Your cat has dragged her food all over the floor

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ReesePie said...

That's a lovely anniversary to celebrate!

I agree, Sally is a funny name. I got a kitten that was named "Sassy" at the time.

We named her Scamperoo and called her "Scamper". It was much more fitting.

Doug said...

Happy rebirthday, Serena. Take a celebration spin at the bottom of the stairs.

Much better name. Willie was Benny when I found him. Seriously. What the hell?

Tom & Icy said...

Icy was Willie before we discovered she was a girl.
Icy blames everything on Bootsy the cat.

Logophile said...

Sally? tsk tsk

Ok, and imagining Doug say "Seriously? What the hell?" had me giggling like mad.

I too prefer Serena, or Willie, or Icy, as the case may be.

The Things and I always end up laughing like fools when we visit lolcats or I can haz cheezburger, good stuff.

I bet it all those years of Sally damage that make her wet the floor.

Cheesemeister said...

My rabbit Daria was "Myra" when I got her from the humane society. She had a mate named "Tweak," whom I renamed Trent. He passed away three years ago. Daria is still going strong and I hope she sticks around for quite a while. She's the only one of my animals that I never have to yell at! :0)

TLP said...

Well, Serena pees on the newpaper most of the time. And just look at the money she saves you on cat litter.

Ariel the Thief said...

My family keeps giving our dogs names like Brecht, Hades and Nabucodonosor.

I had to look at the photo above 2 times to notice Her. But indeed, there she is. Actonbell's cat. :)

Ariel the Thief said...


Bone said...

I was over at my married friends' the other night. After supper, they were cleaning up and their cat got into a cabinet that had been left open and "unwashed" all the dishes.

TLP said...

LOL Bone!!!! "Unwashed" the dishes. *wiping laughter tears from my eyes.*

The Lazy Iguana said...

I named a cat "Fred" and another one "Cleo".

Minka said...

I named a cat Felix once, is that ok?
anyways, happy birthday, much is 12 in cat years?

tsduff said...

My daughter Hannah's cat came into our lives a month after we were accidentally burned out of our home (by same daughter). Feeling so sorry for Hannah's misery over the burning incident, when she was given a kitten by a friend on her birthday we let her keep it. Now (over 10 years later) "The Terrorist" is our cat - daughter moved out long ago, and The Terrorist battles us nonstop on bird-catching, spraying and biting. She gets away with murder.