Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fair to Middlin'

This is the winter of my hibernation, but I think I might be snapping out of it, somewhat.

For one thing, now that President Obama is safely in office, I am more interested in reading the newspaper. This is good. I'm getting involved in a real life cliff hanger, eager and hoping to see that yes, we can make it out of our dire straits. In these parts, we are surrounded by stores that are either going out of business or laying off lots of people. Circuit City, Williams Sonoma, Harley Davidson, Tyco Electronics, Linens'n'things, a couple of women's clothing stores, and a couple furniture stores. Boscov's almost bit the dust. Oh, yeah, and the state government will probably lay off people, too. It seems that the unemployment figures can only be headed up this year. It's really scary. And it's cold out there, too, an unpleasant time to be pounding the pavement looking for a new job.

It's a time to be thankful to have a job, even one that's not optimal. Once in awhile, we hold job fairs at the branch where I work, and the last couple have packed the place. Seriously, customers coming in to make their weekly deposits are intimidated, not used to the fact that the lobby can be full when there is no one in line to do banking. And I am no longer the oldest teller, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is a trend; younger people are going to have more competition for jobs that were once relatively easy to get. After all, if you were a manager, who would you rather hire, someone with a long history of Classic Work Ethic, or some teenager who'll constantly angle for more social time? Not that I blame young people for wanting what young people have always wanted, but--this will be a bleak start for them.*

The job listing in today's Sunday paper is woefully and shockingly brief.


However, there are cheap, fun diversions, such as Scrabble.

Last night, Ekim and I went to visit TLP and Niks, and had a dinner that could not be beat and played Scrabble. (Ekim won.) We left Serena at home, of course, but I let her play with our old Scrabble board, so she wouldn't feel left out. Hmm, maybe she'd be more into Ouji. She's always trying to tell me something, but I just don't know what it is.

And, we're visiting with a few very fun people tonight to discuss a book, and that will be a good time.

So. Whatchupto?


*Actually, a couple of former tellers have tried to come back, but because they were both royal pains and there are so many people lining up for jobs, Bratdoll and Badattitude will just have to stay where they are. Actually, I was floored that they had the nerve to ask! Badattitude, especially, made such a show of leaving in disgust. Embarrassment would keep me from doing such a thing. I stand in wonder.


Doug said...

Well, I suppose baditude left without dignity so it isn't surprising she came back the same way. Indeed, now is a time to be thankful for any old job. Word to the young: don't text during your interview.

Doug said...

Oh, and incidentally, sleeping through this winter sounds like brilliant strategy.

TLP said...

That Serena. Always angling for the wet food. 'supposa play straight. Just sayin'.

I'm up to going to church and being a part of the "fun" program today. I get to wear a mask ya know.

actonbell said...

Doug, they text all the time. They've been told that if they are seen on a security tape with cell phone in hand, they will be in trouble. This is not taken seriously. And sleeping thru' the winter would be good, if only everyone else played along. We could conserve energy by staying home and off the roads.

I did NOT know that you got to wear a mask. You have all the fun.

Tom & Icy said...

Oh, I never made the connection of Ouija and Scrabble before. That was funny. And sometimes I get the feeling that everyone is wearing masks, or at least heavy make-up. Maybe that bad attitude gal has that as a mask to hide her feelings of inadequacy.

Tom & Icy said...

That was Icy babbling on in the previous comment. All that pretty fuzz on her face is her mask to hide her stark sarcasm.

Tom & Icy said...

Well, Doug commented twice, so we are commenting three times to beat him.

Fred said...

For the record, I'll comment only once.

Serena is one smart cat. My four could learn a thing or two from her.

Last week, there was a 10% chance of snow flurries here. I'm thinking of moving to the Cayman Islands or somewhere else down there. I need warmth.

*lynne* said...

I'm ready for warm weather. Thankfully I'll be flying back to Malaysia in mid-February, so I can escape the cold of Chicago for a few weeks :)

Get your cat signed up on facebook: I'll gladly play Scrabble(TM) with her, LoL! :)

dropping by via the Black Boxes thingy, btw :)

actonbell said...

Tom, you're expertly hilarious.

Fred, that. is. not. funny.

Hi, Lynne, glad to meet you. I'm already jealous.

Minka said...

I am yp to chapter 14's winter here too, but oh so beuatiful. the sun came out fro the firts time in weeks!

cooper said...

I was breezing through local listing for jobs, not for me but to see how the usual three page classified employment ads were down to less than one column. Now that is scary.

I'm expecting ice tonight.

Ariel the Thief said...

"This is the winter of my hibernation" - a'la Richard III., very funny!

You have to pay a lot less to a teenager than to an experienced employee. Or in this corner of the world anyway. So everybody wants teenagers.

ReesePie said...

We still have customers asking us daily if we are going out of business. We aren't! But the Ashley Furniture across the street from us is...

Bone said...

I love Scrabble. I used to play online some at Not sure if it's still there.