Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Alternative fun

Ekim and I did our Christmas shopping this past Saturday, which didn't take too long, but I got tired, anyway. He's just come back from Japan, he's fourteen hours whacked out, but I'm the one yawning all the time. Oh, man. How did I do it, back in the day, when it really took all day? So, as I'm yawning and stumbling around, Ekim is checkin' off the list and planning our route and shopping strategy.

Finally, it's time for that last little sojourn. And let me tell you, shopping for wine has become all kinds of hilarious fun, especially when you are tired-silly-giddy. Evidently, someone somewhere did some kind of market testing that proved that wine with cute or funny critters on the label just might be more successful.

Papio! For your prime mate. (I'm not creative enough to make that up)

Smoking Loon? A loon with a cigar. Well, how 'bout that. If I hadn't seen the label, I'd expect 'smoking loon' to appear on the entre section of the menu, not on the wine list.

Something tells me that 3 Blind moose don't hafta run.
So, instead of helping poor Ekim look for what he's looking for, which I won't tell you in case the information gets into the wrong hands, and besides I don't even remember, I am giggling at the labels. At one point, I remember saying to Ekim, totally out of the blue, "hey look, my rocket dogs match my sweater," and he just nodded. He knew I'd lost it. And that I hadn't dressed with any care at all, so that this matching thing was indeed a real coincidence.
Life at work continues to be rather dull, but that's okay. I've been around enough drama and strange personalities to be perfectly delighted with dull. In fact, I seem to be seeking out dull. I am fading. I might just disappear altogether.
We're getting a new mattress this Saturday! This is BIG news. We've had the same mattress for about 20 years. It's time for change.

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Balou said...

I'd have to say more than half the fun of shopping for wine is looking at the labels and reading the witty copywriting. Good finds!

Doug said...

I actually bought a bottle of smoking Loon last week. I was invited to a wine tasting party and bought the bottle before I remembered that I would never actually go to a wine tasting party.

Fred said...

Belated rabbit, rabbit!

We're pretty boring about wine, buying the same brand. Maybe it's time to experience the brave new world of imbibing wine with a monkey on the label.

TLP said...

I love it when you get a giggle fit goin'.

TLP said...

BTW, love the disappearing act.

ReesePie said...

Getting a new mattress is QUITE exciting!

I love the Three Blind Moose, isn't that one from the northwest somewhere?

Incidentally, I totally choose my wine by the labels. I figure a good winemaker can afford a good graphic designer.

hasn't failed me yet!

NESSA said...

Smoking Loon is one of my favorite brands. 3 Blind Moose is just ok. I wouldn't buy the monkey one, that's just silly; D

If you can find "Root:1" it is excellent.

A new mattress is very exciting. Have fun *wink, wink.*

Ariel the Thief said...

Actonbell, you are hilarious. So is TLP. Disappearing cat, LOL!

Ariel the Thief said...

Oh and tibbar, tibbar!

Balou said...

Sorry to go off topic here - in your reply on my TV post - if you don't mind my asking, how the heck do you get TV for $10 a month? (If you want to reply via email my addy is talk2balou[at]gmail[dot]com)

(LOL! my word verification was "hearl")

Paul Malden said...

Those are hysterical!

Cheesemeister said...

If I had Photoshop, I'd do a makeover on those labels. The first would be "Drunk Monkey." The second would be "Tokin' Tern." The third, while excellent as it is, would be "Cool Caribou."
I wish I'd had a camera with me today. My son came home. It was very cold out and that crazy wild cat that I mentioned in the post above had insisted on going out just at the time I was going to the airport to pick him up. When she came to see him, he picked her up and put her inside his jacket. I don't know that she'd put up with that treatment from anyone else. We got saddled with her when she was five months old. He was ten at the time and is now 18.