Friday, November 14, 2008

Time Warp

I don't have much to "write home" about myself, but Ekim is getting to be a tourist in Asia. A few very nice people have shown him around Shanghai and eaten birthday cake with him, which was a surprise from the hotel's management.
Actually, I'm still happy about the prospect of a new president next year, and speaking of that, there's an Inaugural Ball coming up, and I love to look at pretty dresses. Here is an interesting quiz about the dresses of yore, and I actually remembered one of them, but could not guess the others. The answers surprised me.
I am still shoveling raking leaves. We have three maple trees, one in the front yard, two in the back. One of the trees in the back is bare, while the other one (in the back) is far from it. Front Yard Maple is almost finished. I dump them in the street, the township cleans them up once a week, then I start again. Great fun! It's raining today. Soggy leaves.

Work isn't all that interesting; #9 and Bratdoll both up and quit rather abruptly. Life can be a lot worse than boring, as those two ladies reminded me.

For instance, a good friend of ours is once again faced with horrible and scary news about his health. He is a wonderful person, everything that a son, father, and husband should be, but he and his family cannot catch a break. He's back to the dilemmas he faced ten years ago. It's hideously unfair.

TLP and I went to see Arlo Guthrie this week, and it was great fun, and I am so happy that TLP decided not to kill him, just because he didn't sing Alice's Restaurant. That would have been most unpleasant, and might have ruined the whole evening, as well. I might have fainted (I'm not proud), and it would have been embarrassing, too. After the show, as we joined the traffic exiting the parking garage, it struck me again how we are all so easily typecast and stereotyped; the number of hybrids sporting cute little Obama stickers made me laugh. We gather in homogeneous ways all the time. Amazon's search engine knows what to advertise to me. That's both scary and very convenient.
TLP, Niks, and I went to see The Secret Lives of Bees, and all of us liked it very much. It was a heartrending story and a trip back to the awful and scary times of Jim Crow. I was sitting between my parents, sobbing like a fool, but yes, I liked it. As I say, I'm not proud.
Ekim is traveling to Tokyo this Saturday, a surprisingly long travel day. He will be fourteen hours ahead of me, now. It's surreal. I'm winding down, he's starting his day.
Happy Friday! Go ahead, stay up late. Have a blast, do the time warp again. No one's watching.


Balou said...

Hope your friend has a smooth road ahead of him. I too loved The Secret Lives of Bees - and yes, I cried at several points. Have a good weekend!

Doug said...

Pretty cool the Ekim got cake so far from home. And not just a cookie tin with frosting. I guess Asian hospitality is superior.

pia said...

TLP doesn't like Alice's Restaurant? But it's the Thanksgiving song. My father used to play it for everybody who came over. Totally embarrassing

It's so perfect to see Arlo with your mother

Glad Ekim got cake in Asia.

teahouse said...

Oooh, now I have that song "Let's Do the Time Warp..Agaiiiinnnnn..." stuck in my head!!

Ariel the Thief said...

That's true, life can be so much worse than boring.

Sorry to hear the bad news of your friend and family.

TLP said...

Pia I love Alice's Restaurant. I was annoyed at Arlo that he didn't sing/talk that wonderful song. I let him live because, well, Acton is a little squeamish. Also because he gave a great show otherwise. But still....

Whatchu talkin' 'bout Doug?

tsduff said...

Wow - pretty cool all the updates you squeezed into one post! First off, I LOVE leaves, and having had my share of raking them (I have 4 poplars), have kudos for you... really, 3 MAPLE TREES?? Soldier on my dear leaf raker :D

I am green with envy for two reasons...
1) You got to go somewhere with your own Mom (my Mom has been gone these almost 6 years now) and
2) You actually got to see and hear Arlo Guthrie? Why on earth didn't he sing Alice's Restaurant this close to Thanksgiving? Really, he must be getting daffy. I would have egged TLP on...

Prayers for your friend... no, it ISN'T fair.

Must see the Bee movie.