Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve Night

So exciting.

There have been some young people at work talking all this time about voting, but today, Toocute suddenly says that she's registered in her hometown, which is three hours away, so it's not gonna happen. She thought about getting an absentee ballot, but she just thought of it today, on the eve of the great event! I cannot believe this. Then there's flatliner, who I believe will vote, but he doesn't know where, yet. He's local, he'll figure it out, but he seems way too organized and routinized not to know exactly where he's going every minute of the day. THEN, there's Slightlywild, who refuses to vote until she's 21. Get this: she was charged awhile ago with underage drinking, and she's angry that she's old enough to drive a car, have a job, and go and die in Iraq, but not old enough to drink, so f*ck voting. Very effective protest, no?

So. One more day of people talking about this election, this election, this election, and it will all be over tomorrow night. It almost seems like it should be a national holiday. Well, geez, some people get off work for a horse race. No fair.

Pleasant Dreams!


TLP said...

I love it when you talk work! You make up the very best names for folks.

Marg said...

And when we do have to go and vote (it's compulsory here) they make us do it on a Saturday!

Ariel the Thief said...

The very best names indeed!

Yeah I know, there are miles to go from talking about it to doing it. Most people won't walk those miles.

Tom & Icy said...

I heard them talking on tv about young people being so enthusiastic during the campaign but then find excuses not to go vote when the time comes.

Fred said...

Happy belated rabbit, rabbit!

It drives me nuts when people take their voting responsibility so lightly.

Doug said...

Ha! That'll teach us. If she quits driving I totally surrender.