Thursday, October 16, 2008


I finally get up, after being stuck in bed, glued by the stream of thoughts or an early daydream that I want to finish. It's hard, getting dressed, with the stickiness of hesitation, wanting to move but--stuck. Ah, good--the running clothes somehow cling to my body, but now I'm fastened to the couch. Up. I know this doesn't take long, once I'm out the door, I'll be back within the hour. Not much time to invest. And yet. ( Sticking to the language of the main character of a recent read. Oy.) Finally, out the door. No turning back, now, I can rely on inertia to keep me going, until I'm back. I'm back. Oh, no. Now I'm taped to my clothes. Gotta get into the shower, this is easy and so much work. Out of the shower, and now I am absolutely cemented to the bed. Lying down. Prone. Stapled to the mattress, gooey epoxy closing my eyes.

Ekim walks in, surveys the situation, his wet-haired wife adhering to the covers, and says, "You're stuck."

How did he know?


TLP said...

LOL. I cannot imagine how he knows, 'cause he's never stuck. Which is sick and twisted.

Doug said...

THe couch gets me the same way. You'd think they'd put sheets or something so we wouldn't get stuck. you mean this?

Balou said...

Cute story! I don't get stuck on the couch very often but rather on the keyboard. Like Doug's link led me to another link and then to another link and I learned the woman that played Witchiepoo is the president of a non-profit organization aiding the placement of abandoned animals. Must...leave...keyboard... ;)

Tom & Icy said...

He knew you were stuck because he snuck in and put the glue in the bed while you were in the shower.

Love the cat picture. You're getting good at it. Beautiful cat.

Ariel the Thief said...

This is just too funny to picture you in the place of that cat.

So you went running while being stuck. You are a hero.

actonbell said...

Mom, I know, I can't understand it.
Doug, I knew it was something I should've guessed.
Balou, I get stuck there, too. I'm universally--stuck.
Thank you, Tom--someone does take excellent pictures of cats. I just google'm
Ariel--it's not heroic--it's just inertia. Really.

tsduff said...

I've been stuck myself lately - just like that. ha ha ha ha that was great - although Doug's reason for being stuck was even funnier (I only watched it to see Jack Wild back in the day) I didn't think HR Puffinstuff would attract his attention.

Cade said...

Well, your post stuck a smile on my face, lady. Days like that were made for a soft kitty and a good read.