Monday, October 06, 2008

puff and stuff

Ekim's closest friend since childhood, GB, grew up and married a very nice woman and had three very nice children who are now basically grown, two being in college and one in high school. Unfortunately, this friend has been through a lot during the past ten years: he had an agressive esophageal cancer, which was treated very aggressively, which unfortunately damaged his kidneys to the point of shutting them down, which resulted in dialysis, and things got so bad that he desperately needed a kidney. His mother was the best candidate, but two days before the transplant operation was to take place, they discovered that she was in the very early stages of leukemia, so no doctor would take her kidney. Ekim was then considered the next choice, and he underwent all kinds of tests until the most expensive one, a CT scan, which shocked a radiologist at Johns Hopkins. "You're here for---a kidney donation??? Don't have any more tests!!" It seems that Ekim did not have a kidney to donate, since he was born with only one. If it hadn't been for all that testing, he would never have known. Anyway, this news was a big shock for his poor friend, as well as Ekim, since he's basically planned the next year of his life around his recovery time. Luckily, GB had other possible donors, and the next one in line worked out. The kidney he has now will not last forever, and another friend, DE, stands ready in the wings to be next. (And DE's actually the best match, so far. Ekim and I were not good matches, and now I'd like to know how good a match I'd be for Ekim...)

Anyway, I've made this into a very short story, not going into the fact that GB no longer has a stomach, since they removed his entire esophagus and stretched his stomach up to take its place, and all the digestive and nutritional issues he, wouldn't it be a shame if, after going through ALL of that, he died in some kind of awful, tragic accident?

Well, he didn't. But, he could have--his house caught fire in the wee hours of the night recently, and it seems to have started with a dehumidifier. There were three of them at home--two away at school, while the youngest one, the rebel, was disobeying their orders by staying up until 3am, playing video games. He was the one who dialed 911 and woke them up, since the sound of their basement smoke alarm did not travel upstairs well enough. (They'll have NO leverage getting him to bed, now.) The material damage is horrendous, but of course they are thankful that no one was hurt. When you've been through what this family has been through, STUFF cannot matter as much. It is a major inconvenience, though. There will be extensive reconstruction, and it was just five days ago that they had new kitchen cabinets installed. They are are ruined, of course.
GB's family is not allowed to have any more bad stuff happen. I decree this, effective NOW.


tsduff said...

I swear, I'm never complaining, ever again.

Ariel the Thief said...

Oh my. And I thought I had problems... Good decree, Actonbell!

TLP said...

Oh, no! Poor Greg and Cindy! I'm soooooo sorry about this. Jeez! She was so excited about the remodeling too.

I'm with Terry. I'm going to quit my inter-complaining right now.

Doug said...

Wow. I promise not to do anything bad to GB and friends. A close friend is suffering with metastatic esophageal cancer. It sure is tough.

(Slightly) funny about Ekim and the missing kidney. We kind of assume everything internal is where it ought to be until we learn different. I should have my brain and heart checked for.

Tom & Icy said...

Life seems like a flip of a coin from minute to moment. I was rejected from the service in 66 because of a bad heart and went to a doctor and told I wouldn't live without major surgery which I never had. When I got married, my wife was crossing the street and a car flew around the corner from nowhere and she was killed instantly at a young age. Makes us wonder what is really important in life.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Good grief! Some people are just dealt worse cards than others.

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

Doug said...

Coins, apparently, Icy.

I actually just came back to say "H.R."

Cade said...

This is why I don't believe in karma. At least they're blessed with good friends.

It must have been shocking to hear that Ekim only has one kidney.. I really hope you two match up!

I'm sending my prayers about in their direction. Even if they don't believe in prayer, some well-wishes couldn't hurt.