Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh, alright

I'll get unstuck. I have to. I've been very politely asked to go into work for three hours today. Why? Teller #9 called off, of course. Teller #9, who was originally supposed to be off today, but begged me to switch a day with her, so I did. I worked her weekday.


Um, no, actually, there isn't. I barely got that in. She called off yesterday, too. Three of us knew she was going to do that; she'd started complaining the day before, even though she looked perfectly fine.

And then there's Bratdoll, who strolled in two hours late yesterday, a Friday, a very busy Friday. Put them on the schedule! Who knows? They might come! They both keep going on about needing more hours. Well, I'm getting them, thankyouverymuch. Oh, I know, it's only three hours, and yet.

I won't be a goblin about it.

**(Update, as if it matters) Bratdoll called off today, which was an even bigger problem, and #9 actually did drag her butt in, but immediately announced her intention of leaving as soon as Bratdoll came. Which didn't happen, so #9 had to stay until I got there. Poor #9.

Okay, end of vent.

If you're stuck on the computer, as I might have been today, you might enjoy checking out A Cup of Jo. She's got some mighty interesting links to check out this weekend.

I'll get caught up tomorrow...


Doug said...

Not stuck. Goin' hikin'

Have a good weekend

TLP said...

Sad news. It doesn't matter where a person works, someone is the trouble maker.

But there's a bonus: I enjoy reading about it. teehee. Surely that makes it worth it all.

Tom & Icy said...

Is that picture #9?

actonbell said...

Doug, I'm jealous. Have a great time:)

Ha ha, Mom. I do know my life is easy, though.

LOL, Tom. That goblin guards Harry Potters money, actually...

Fred said...

You'd think people would be grateful to have a job nowadays.

AP3 said...

I love when you vent.

Balou said...

You work at Grigott's? How cool is that? ;) They're lucky to have you.

Ariel the Thief said...

That's my fave when someone asks you to to do something or to go somewhere, and you say, you cannot, and they want to know if you have a "special reason" or a "special thing" to do instead. Yeah, I know you didn't say her that you cannot go in, I was just reminded. :)

I enjoy your vents, too.

TLP said...

Love the update. Amazing. People are just amazing.

Cade said...

Ms. Acton, it is indeed unfortunate that you were obligated to pick up someone else's slack. I agree with Fred's observation. Some people can't measure how fortunate they are because it's been an east street their whole lives.

I'll be sure to stop by the blogs you've linked. I'm feeling a bit stuck myself.