Thursday, September 04, 2008

the hours

ressentiment (ruh-san-tee-MAH)-noun: A feeling of resentment and hostility accompanied by the lack of means to express or act upon it.

This makes seething sound worthy of French artistic talent, huh?

I've been wondering why a woman like Cindy McCain, with her own fortune and an attractiveness that could interest many a guy, would marry John McCain. Then, I became more interested in the fact that her beer-distributor fortune was inherited from father Jim Hensley, who had had another daughter in a previous marriage. His will left his other daughter, Kathleen Portalski, all of $10,000. Cindy got the rest. That's even more interesting. Cindy was already married to John at the time of her father's passing, so obviously Jim Hensley approved of John McCain, to leave him so much money.
Maybe she'll quit, decide to play somewhere else, or call off too much and get canned. It could happen. I would never intentionally be rude to her, but sometimes I find that my teeth are clinched. I don't want to get involved with any squabbling, and raced out of there today with barely a farewell. If I'd stayed any longer, there would have been smoke coming out of my ears. The others were testy, too. Bratdoll strikes again.

And tomorrow, it will be #9, talking both incessantly and too loudly to her customer while the rest of us are trying to concentrate and communicate, and Flatliner keeping me updated, "so at X:30 I'll start counting my drawer, then I'll close, then I drive over to Y to do &, and then..." ..."so in fifteen minutes I'll start counting my drawer, then I'll close...." Maybe I'm the one who died and went to purgatory. If there is a purgatory, that's where I will be, still unable to make up my mind about anything.

Hide me.


I've been told that I should watch Mad Men, a TV drama about advertizing in the 1960s. I notice that the library has the first season...but I'll have to wait in line, they're all checked out. It must be good. Adverts can be awfully interesting.


Doug said...

You know, the last week it seems everyone is using the term ressentiment instead of resentment. I guess this means french fries are back, huh?

Tom & Icy said...

Purgatory. Hmmm. This morning the phrase "almost an angel" has been running through my head and I don't know why or where it came from. I think it was in a poem.
I saw a web site at and it said free but when I clicked it said you have to join something, so I left. But it did have written descriptions about the episodes.
Love the cat picture. Poor things keep getting stepped on.

TLP said...

Ah, Serena looking so innocent. That Serena. Not an innocent bone in her body.

Actually if you look back at pictures of McCain when he courted his wife (while still married to his first wife) he looked a lot better. The current Mrs. McCain wants to be First Lady. Maybe that's what a girl wants when she has everything else.

There's always some fool at work who messes the scene up.

Ariel the Thief said...

I love the photo of Serena. I often feel like that, too. :-)

G said...

Ah the allure of power and politics, I guess. I started watching MadMen this season and am hooked. It's really a well done show. I did miss the entire first season so perhaps I'd better get on line behind you at the library.