Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Material Girl

That's Ekim's new car. He'll probably forget about dinner tonight, until I suggest that it's time to DRIVE somewhere and chow down. I'll give him an hour before I go outside and start whining.

The thing is, new STUFF can actually cheer a person up. Take me and this computer, for instance. Everything's all built in to Vista! In case no one remembers what Windows98 was like, we had to download a special program for almost everything--especially the cameras (I purposely bought the same one Ekim had, so we wouldn't have compatibility issues) and our MP3 players. And yes, I do have to record my music again, but that's such a breeze now that the hardest part is simply running up and downstairs to retrieve the discs. Really. With the old operating system, it took forever, and sometimes didn't work properly at all. I'd be making serious choices about which songs on which CD's I really needed, but now, the whole CD is recorded before I could ponder such things.

I had heard about Vista having bugs awhile back, but I'm not trying to do anything fancy, here. I just want to be able to read everyone's blogs, record music, watch YouTube without everything pausing constantly, and play with the nieces and my sister on FaceBook without needing a novel to help me wait it out. Hang on to an unsupported system long enough, and it starts to act a lot like dial-up.

And so, the computer has become a necessity to me. And I laugh at people who can't live without the TVs and cell phones, but here I am. What a hypocrite.


Doug said...

I don't remember Windows at all.

Congratulations to you and Ekim on new stuff.

Ariel the Thief said...

I laugh at people who cannot live without TV's and cell phones, too. Computers are different. :-P

Congrats on the new car!

Tom & Icy said...

I think a lot of people who complain about Vista is because of certain copy guard that keeps us from copying sound directly from the sound card and recording the sound from a video on YouTube. But for what you do, Vista is great. Of course it depends on the computer itself like the amount of RAM, the processor, video card, and hard drive space.

TLP said...

I'd die, or want to die, without my PC. I read the newspapers online.

The car is pretty!

Fred said...

Ekim got the car, you got the computer. I think you need a few more toys to even it out.

actonbell said...

hehe, Fred:)