Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm addicted! Part II

Yes, I'm drinking (a small amount of ) coffee again, but now there's something else: The Black Box. The first one I saw was over at TLP's, she always finds the best stuff. It's quite ingenious. It may be the next big blog networking recipe! Give it a whorl.

And this month is our 19th anniversary in our humble abode! Geez.


Doug said...

Happy anniversary. Funny picture. I think the black box is definitely gender-focused, though. I kept thinking there was a right answer.

TLP said...

Oh! I can't stop playing with that little black box! It's so much fun.

Love your picture today.

Bill Stankus said...

The B Box is really the first blog portal that seems to work ... glad you dropped by.

Tom & Icy said...

Sorry, but I just can't understand the black box thing. I make choices like yes/no, Batman/Superman, Venus/Neptune, Red Wine/White Wine, Sex in Car/Beach; then when I finally get to a blog it is something that has absolutely nothing to do with the choices I made and not interesting to me. There's nothing about superheroes, planets, wine, or sex. It just doesn't make sense to me. What am I missing???

Ariel the Thief said...

I have tried them at Terry's, I lost my patience after the third box. :-)

Happy Anniversary Month!

actonbell said...

Haha, Doug. Only the box knows.

We share a common taste, Mom:)

LOL,Tom! That's true

Thanks, Ariel!

Fred said...

the black box thinggy is cool. It sent me to TLP's site once, and she just happened to land on mine.

I did find a great blog from a Tampa native who lives in England. Since I used to live in England, we have much in common.

Cade said...

19 years in one place? Now, that's commitment.

Hey, I tried your Black Box application and it seems to have sent me to the dude who posted above me. Seriously. Very weird? Or is that common? I haven't read into it yet but I'm planning to add it to my own blog, Ms. Acton Bell.

I haven't been here in months and I've missed reading your blog, but I'm back. It's very sweet to see you still have my art blog linked!

tsduff said...

I am a great fan of the black box. I don't think it has to do so much with each choice, as it does with the issues addressed. HYour picture is priceless!