Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Let's see, this year's picnic was unusually small, and by that I mean that not many people could come over and visit on that particular day. And Ekim's parents missed it because they had an emergency--a storm the night before knocked a tree and power line down onto their house. That was scary, but everything is alright now. Those of us who were at the nth annual picnic had a cheery time, and our friends left me with a bucket of margarita. So, there's a bucket of margarita in my freezer. There was a bucket of margarita in my freezer. There's a smaller tupperware container with maybe one more good-sized margarita in the freezer. Maybe it's even calling my name, louder than anything has in a long time. Maybe this should scare me.
It hasn't been all that busy at work, in fact, it can get downright boring. It's a good thing we have drama--as long as I'm not involved, that is. In the continuing saga of #9, she was officially demoted to "just a teller." She'd been hired as a weekend supervisor because of past experience, but since she can't even drag herself into work for an entire week together, let alone function well, that gig is up. The company gave #9 an astonishingly long time to prove that she could not do that job. Of course, she was so emotional after hearing this that they let her go home. That made us short staffed, so we weren't so bored that day. And so it goes: if #9 is scheduled to come in, there's a 50% chance of boredom. When she's not scheduled to come in, the chances of being well-staffed go up, hence we're much more likely to be bored.

And then there's #5. Like most of the others, she's very young, a student, and she happens to be working part time, mostly evenings and weekends. I would have thought that she'd fit right in, but it was obvious right away that the others could not stand her, and actually dread working with her. I do not overlap with #5 very much, and suspect that I'm grateful. Here's a recent story:

Recently, three tellers worked until closing. As #8 is cleaning up and preparing to leave, she notices a car parked right outside the bank, headlights on, engine revving. This guy is not using the ATM, will not leave, and continues to rev his engine. #8 gets spooked, and feels responsible for being safe rather than sorry, so she calls the cops. The cops around here aren't all that busy and are happy to drop by. They do a lot, actually. As soon as they arrive, this guy burns rubber to get out of there, but two squad cars block him, so he has to step out and identify himself and explain what he was thinking when he decided to get weird in a bank's parking lot at closing time. So, who was this guy? Oh, some guy who was meeting up with #5. She's got a serious boyfriend, who #8 now recognizes, but this engine revving person is some other guy who #5 doesn't want the BF to know about. When the cops show up for a specific reason, they take down everyone's names and phone numbers. It's just a part of their records, but I'm sure that was a hair-raising thing for a young woman who doesn't want a record of this little meeting, so now #5 is angry with #8, and possibly the third teller. Why didn't #5 tell them what was up? I don't know. If they're not speaking, things could get very difficult.
(Girls, this is not acceptable)

Hey, folks, happy Wednesday! I had to post this picture because not only is it pizza night for us, but it's one of the only nights when our cat, Serena, gets animated. Not in a good way, but still. She's eating everything but the kitchen sink, but not gaining weight. This is possibly not so good.

And enjoy the Olympics tonight!



Doug said...

It always surprises that double-dealers get so mistreated by fate and their neighbors. I think everyone should have peetsa. It's Wednesday, after all.

TLP said...

You've consumed most of the margaritas???? Dang. That was good stuff. Of course, if it were over here it would be gone by now.

You work in the most interesting places. Or you observe more than I ever did.

Tom & Icy said...

Those little stories are better than what people try to make up.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

This is all well and funny. Thanks a heap. But are you sure I no can haz peetsa?

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL!!! That story has many lessons.

You have good friends!