Friday, August 29, 2008


I snook up on my dad the other day. He volunteers at the library, and it didn't occur to me that he would be there, so when I saw him doing his cute shuffling-off thing in front of me, I--snook up on him. Probably not a good idea, doing that to an older person, but it didn't harm him. I got a tour of the library I'd never actually stepped foot in. When I was a kid, the borough's library was in a much smaller building that I knew very well. I'm impressed with the new building.

This was the highlight of my day. I enjoy libraries more than I do bookstores. Maybe it's the freeness, all the chairs, the invitation to stay, relax, and pass the time. I should go more often. That's become a refrain.


Bratdoll, the teller who attempted to meet up with a guy not her serious boyfriend (previous post's story), continues to be at odds with at least three of the other young tellers, but I'm not sure how aware of it she is. We were busy yesterday (Friday), so as I was settling and closing up to leave, I let the three tellers in the lobby know that I was leaving, and then, as I was leaving, I let them know that it was pretty busy back in the drive-thru, and reminded them that Bratdoll was all alone, now. These three young ladies, all sitting on their backsides with nothing to do, smiled at me, and one of them said, "oh, she'll be okay." They humored me, wished me a nice weekend, and rolled their eyes at each other before I could reach the door. (I know it, I've seen them do it to other people.) It's a shame that intelligence doesn't translate into maturity.

Teller#9 came in one morning and suddenly announced that she had kicked the boyfriend out. He's living with his parents, now. She's happy to have him out of her life. I know I didn't miss part of this movie, either, because she had just told me--the previous day--what a great guy he was. Honestly, I just smile and nod, these days.

Ekim got up early, ran, and proceeded to de-stick the lawn before mowing it. He does more before I get up than I do all day. Anyway, as he was mowing the part of the lawn that's close to the ivy bed, a small bunny suddenly leapt out of the greenery, right in front of the mower. Why are bunny instincts so fatal? Horrified, Ekim shut off the machine and gloomily held the small creature in his palm, feeling for a heartbeat. Its body was not mangled, just a bloody nose, but the little guy was dead. "I don't understand how people can hunt."
Me neither, Ekim.


Happy Labor Day Weekend! Monday will be the official close of the pools in this area, then it's absolutely and definitely not summer, anymore.

We're going over tonight to eat and play Scrabble with TLP and Niks on their invisible card table (unless they've located it*), and then we'll see Ekim's parents on Monday. Everyone feeds us:)

*it was accidentally sold at the yard sale
someone borrowed it, not knowing TLP wanted it back
someone broke it and they are afraid of admitting it to TLP
garden gnomes carried it away
3D has it--somewhere.
I don't have it.


Tom & Icy said...

That was a sad rabbit rabbit story.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Maybe Bratdoll WANTED to be alone. Maybe....

Sorry about the rabbit. Did he fail to say rabbit! rabbit!30 days ago?

G said...

Sad rabbit story but good catching up post. Enjoy the last real summer weekend!

TLP said...

I love your work stories.

LOL on the card table. It was at the church after all...not sold at the church's yard sale as I had feared.

BTW everybody: Ekim made more points on his first turn in Scrabble than I did during the entire game!!! That rabbit murderer.

Doug said...

No one is more oblivious than a lover. I think Serena took the card table to play bank teller.

I love libraries, too, and am almost never in one. When I moved to Santa Clarita I went to see the library first thing and thought "I'm going to spend a lot of time here," before leaving for the second to last time. I was really gonna get a library card but the librarian was sort of busy.

Now tell the truth. Did Ekim try CPR?

Ariel the Thief said...

Funny post, it cheered me up. Poor Ekim, though. Does he feel as a murderer?