Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Again

Long road trips aren't as easy and fun as they used to be, I get so sore. Still, I'm always at least a little intrigued, watching the scenery go by. It's about three hours to Pittsburgh, but it seems longer. And this hotel was incredibly hard to find. Map Quest, google maps, AAA book, larger maps, and all the signs. The outskirts look so depressed and strange, neither here nor there. The roads are absolutely awful.

We had some extra time when we got there, before the first family-reunion type event, so we visited the famous Pittsburgh Incline.

There's a nice little photo museum and look out spot at the top. I've been on way too many roller coasters, though; upon reaching the top, I halfway expected to be released to race downhill again. There wasn't a line to go up, and the parents rode for free. It was 2 bucks each way for Ekim and me. I'd forgotten how very hilly this area is.

I'm still a little tired! So tired that it took until Wednesday morning to register those lovely pink flamingos Mom planted in the back yard:) Heh, thanks, Mom!


Doug said...

That TLP!

I remember driving through Pittsburgh in my red 1951 International Harvester L112. When you're a yokel in western Pennsylvania, there isn't far to fall.

TLP said...

Tee Hee! I plucked those three beauties from the church yard sale. Snicker.

You love them, no? Now the neighbors will know you have wonderful taste.

You're welcome.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I am going to have to speak to tlp about her taste in plastic.

Ariel the Thief said...

Congrats on the pink flamingos anyway. :-) I cannot get tired of long road trips. I probably don't get enough.

Nessa said...

Roller coasters make me queasy.

Nice pic of the Pitts though.