Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Future reads

We've seen two movies of late that have inspired me to read the novels: Atonement, by Ian McEwan, and Lust, Caution, by Eileen Chang. Both films left me feeling that I did not understand everything. Right now, though, I'm finishing up the Thursday Next novels because they are fun, and I needed something light, after seeing and reading so many serious stories.

Mike has already asked me what I'm taking on vacation. I never know! He's good at keeping the countdown in his head, such as "yesterday was exactly two months until vacation." He's almost done with his top 100 reading list. He's saving Finnegan's Wake for last. I tease him about the fact that Thursday Next's grandmother (yes, I know she's fictional) is now 110 years old and cannot die until she has read the ten most boring classics, and she's hoping that Finnegan's Wake will let her pass away peacefully.

We haven't seen the movie No Country for Old Men yet, but it will be sometime this month. I'm bracing myself.


Ariel the Thief said...

Thank you for sharing the secret of living forever!

TLP said...

No Country for Old Men is worth seeing, but you will have a few problems with the violence. But it's good, as you know from reading the book.

Doug said...

If the secret to long life is leaving books unread, I can pick up some new bad habits. What do you guys think? PCP? Elephant tipping? Cussing?