Thursday, June 26, 2008

tomorrow's grocery day

Lime sherbet and orange soda go quite well together, but the concoction doesn't look very good. I don't do a good job of planning my grocery list, I'm afraid. I mean, I don't look ahead and think, Gee, 7UP would go much better with lime sherbet, or Wouldn't it be great to have some other flavor besides apricot jam to go with peanut butter? I loved the apricot jam on bagels, but I should have thought to pick out grape jelly to go with the peanut butter. I wind up eating strange combinations all the time because it doesn't occur to me what I'm going to want tomorrow.

Speaking of surprises, it would appear that my new hobby is sweeping off the back patio. Where are all these tiny I-don't-know-whats coming from? Small stuff, blowing off trees, coats the patio every day. While I was out sweeping, I think I discovered where our chubby black feline visitor came from, too. I think I saw one of her human cohabitants run her down and haul her back into her house. Meanwhile, I am letting Serena follow me out to the patio because I'm seriously afraid that she's becoming demented from being inside the house too long. She hilarious, though; as soon as I close the door, she acts like she wants back in, but when I open the door, she decides to stay out. Back and forth she'll go, obviously wanting me to keep the door open, which I can't do because of the little I-don't-know-whats in the air, and bugs as well. She hasn't made it into the yard yet, so I'm not worried about letting her out. I think she's agoraphobic.

And I'm really into a book right now. More about that, later...I should update the grocery list before I fall asleep.



G said...

Now you have me thinking about our haphazard shopping system. Oh well, there's always enough to eat so there's that.

Finishing up my week at work. I'm off Fridays now too so that makes it all the more bearable!

Tom & Icy said...

I have noticed with the kittens that they want the human near-by. They want to go out, but they want the pack-leader human to be with them, sort of like dogs.

Doug said...

I think the ambition of every cat is to confuse their human to the point of mixing lime sherbet with orange soda and apricot jam with peanut butter. Serena isn't as demented as you think.

What I'm up to, I think, is to buy lime sherbet on my way home. The best pleasure of summer.

TLP said...

I've never mixed orange juice and lime sherbet. But it sounds wonderful! I want it. NOW!

I'm up to planting stuff in the new landscaping. And today Irene and I went to the Green Dragon Market. Fun.

ReesePie said...

I sent my husband to the grocery store for ice cream and catching up on Y&R in his absence. :)

Ariel the Thief said...

In this tough world everybody needs an escape route, cats even.