Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Laugh

As of today, Serena no longer has a litter box, cuz I dun gif up. She want the mewspaper, she gits it.

Speaking of messy girls. At least a month ago, when no one was looking at work, I made a neat stack of all those magazines and catalogs that live on the floor of the closet that's supposed to be for coats and purses. A nice pair of dress pants was crumpled, wadded, and thrown on the floor too, so I hung them up. They are still there, along with a couple pair of dressy flat shoes. I'm almost positive of whose they are, and I do not understand this. And then there's the dishes. This is the tiniest of "kitchens." It's so small that I avoid taking lunch in the building, but most people do eat in, at least most of the time, and there's usually food caught in the drain of the sink. It's just so gross.

Yesterday, another teller and I had to go off to training in another building, and since I drove last time, she offered to drive this time. She had this embarrassed giggle about all the laundry in the back of her car, which I thought nothing of, since I know she doesn't own a washer and dryer. It's perfectly normal to have laundry in one's car. What floored me was what was on the floor: trash. At my feet, especially in the front seat, was an ocean of empty plastic and aluminum soda containers, candy wrappers, and chip bags. This particular young woman is very self-conscious about her own appearance, but rides around in a filthy car. Life is full of surprises.

Mike will tell you that I'm no housekeeper, and I feel so lazy, so it's always a shock to see how bad things can really be.


Ariel the Thief said...

Maybe she tries to make her car her home. Foxes do the same, their holes are full of stuff.

Tom & Icy said...

Some of our kittens like the litter box, and others like to go outside and dig in the dirt. But one found a box where I tossed empty plastic bags from the store and used that!

TLP said...

I'm amazed that people use their cars are trash cans. I wonder what her house looks like.

You're a fine housekeeper!

Doug said...

I will need 30 days notice before you visit me to excavate my car.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Maybe you could start a DNA collection.

Fred said...

Same thing that TLP said. Her house is probably worse. Unless her car is her house?