Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rabbit, rabbit!

A new movie review coming very soon....

Well, it won't be an in-depth review, since I don't want to ruin it for anyone.




Actually, that's a picture of the soundtrack, huh? And what's it doing on the right? Oh, well.

The movie version of The Kite Runner was faithful to Khalid Hosseini's novel and I thought that the two boys who did the acting during the first part of the film were perfect. The most important way this film succeeds, in my opinion, is the depiction of Hassan, the superb kite runner, portrayed by Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada. He's the most sympathetic character, the one who is in the back of your mind all the time during the story, and the movie did manage to do that, despite the fact that Hassan doesn't spend the most amount of time on screen. Meanwhile, Zekeria Ebrahimi, as the young Amir, delivers the right amount of angst and guilt. I hope both of these boys continue to act.

There was a minor difference in the plot that I wondered about: Hassan was born with a harelip, and it was a fairly big deal, in the book, that he got a corrective operation for his birthday. Hassan got an operation that would have been a given for a child here, while Amir had a rich gala thrown for his birthday. Of course, the difference in their birthrights was shown well enough in the movie, but I did wonder at the change. Also, the man who played Baba, the father, was not as burly or intimidating as I'd pictured him. Actually, the actor Homayoun Ershadi reminded me somewhat of a Middle Eastern Jeremy Irons. Mike said, right away, that he could be Daniel Day Lewis. Come to think of it, the middle-aged Baba looked like Daniel Day Lewis, but when they aged him, he definitely had that Jeremy Irons look. I don't think he was supposed to be seem so slight.

Oh! I almost forgot about my only gripe about the DVD: the subtitles. They were in a yellowish type, on mostly a sandy background, and hard to read! The second half of the movie gets easier, since it's mostly in English and darker, thank goodness.

Two ears up! I recommend this one.

Principal Characters:
Khalid Abdalla ... Amir
Atossa Leoni ... Soraya
Zekeria Ebrahimi ... Young Amir
Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada ... Young Hassan
Homayoun Ershadi ... Baba


TLP said...

I'll be waiting. Rabbit rabbit.

TLP said...

I like the book very much. I didn't see the movie, but maybe I will. Your father does love subtitles after all.

Ariel the Thief said...

Oh those yellow subtitles. You have them, too? :-(

Doug said...

Ariel, we do but the Hungarian is confusing to us.