Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Father's Day is supposed to be about thanking and honoring the man in your life who happened to be the male part of your parental team, and I am sure that we are all doing that right now.

For me, Father's Day--and Mother's day, for that matter--are all about eating. Out we go with one set of parents for breakfast, then out we go with the other for dinner. Father's Day in one of several Feast Days, and I look forward to all of them.

Obviously, one of our fathers is getting beer for Father's Day. Feast Days are generally Lush Days.
This is my car. It's almost as small as they come. See all the space it leaves in the garage? (Those bikes are just for decoration.)

This is my car from the side. Side view. Profile. When I sit in this car, I can easily touch the opposite door handle and the back of the rear seat without popping any buttons, or even leaning all that much. You get the idea. I recently (which in this case means Friday, June 13) let my needle get really really close to the E, before filling it up. I do not think this car holds 10 gallons, probably no more than 9. It's the first time I've bought gas since the prices starting climbing, so it was a shock to my system to pay $30 to do it. Which makes me think. (wow, it really did) All those SUVs! What are they paying, and how often? Egads. I'm surprised people aren't rioting out in the streets for more public transportation. This is suck.

My calf is better. Which means I really should start getting more exercise. And I guess I should stretch more, too. And when it's hot, I really should get up early to do it. I wonder if the bats are still around, down by the creek? I can't seem to work up an urgent reason to find out, though.

Pathetic. I think I need a nap.


TLP said...

LOL. Is Serena guarding the garage door or the beer?

Yep. It costs a lot of money to fill up these days. But folks won't walk or ride bikes or carpool. But, some will take a nap.

Ariel the Thief said...

Serena made me laugh, too. She looks like guarding really.

Have a great Sunday and good food!

Doug said...

I think a few side door touches will be just the ticket. So, if one father is getting beer is the other getting Serena?

Fred said...

I pay $65 to fill up the mommy-mobile. It's a Toyota Sienna.

Hope you had a good nap.

Bone said...

(Those bikes are just for decoration.)


That car reminds me of the commercial where the girl gets blocked in and a couple of burly guys pick up her car and move it. I think it was an ad for gum or Mentos, or maybe 7 Up.