Saturday, May 24, 2008

I promise that I will not rename my blog again

'Tis graduation season! We've all seen human interest articles in the newspaper featuring our local soon-to-graduates who have their whole young bright lives ahead of them. For some graduating seniors, there's been another side-story going on, however, and that is receiving and writing in those precious yearbooks. Unfortunately, some of the area high schools have received very flawed books from their publishing companies. For example, take a gander a few of the name changes:

Max Zupanovic was listed in his yearbook as Max Supernova (a rock star is born)
Cameron Bendgen is now Cameron Bandage,
Kathy Carbaugh became Kathy Airbag,
Alessandra Ippolito was listed as Alexandria Impolite, and
twins Courtney & Kayla Hrobak are now Throwbacks.

If these names were printed in a school newsletter, it would be amusing, but unfortunately, these names appeared in the all-important senior yearbook. It wasn't a prank; it occurred as the result of a computerized spell-checker used by the publishing company. Obviously, the publisher did not proofread this yearbook before printing hundreds of them, which cost $53 each, by the way. Another area high school's yearbook contained many pages of gobbledygook and repeated pictures. What a shame! In the first case, the company is issuing stickers to place over all the incorrect names, while the other school is opting for a corrected supplement to the yearbook, instead of reprinting the whole thing, since they want the seniors to have their books before they leave. You would think that today's students would have more control than ever on how their yearbooks look, and that the publishing companies producing these books would have a less demanding job than ever!

In other news, Mom and I had the opportunity this week to drive to Elizabethtown and hike the Conewago trail. It was a perfect day for a long walk, and I'd always wanted to return to this trail and take in its beauty. Years ago, it was one of my running haunts, worth the trip out there because the entire end-to-end distance was ten miles, ten traffic free miles, that is. We walked six miles, which entitled us to toddle into town and have a delicious sandwich and strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert.

And yesterday we walked in the sun at the local arts festival, where we ate more great stuff and Mom bought me an awesome early birthday gift that I will enjoy for many years. Art festivals are such a treat, not only because I love looking at paintings, sculptures, and pictures, but because there are always so many creative takes on more practical items that never would have occurred to me in a hundred years, like making bracelets and watchbands out of old typewriter keys, or silk-screening old postcards onto scarves. And of course the jewelry and purses are always of much interest to us women--arts festivals reign supreme.

Just a few days ago, and by that I mean Wednesday and a whole lot of days before, I was dwelling on who I was and who I wasn't and all the messes I've made and every stupid thing I've said and done and stuff I can't do and it was just really dark, inside and out. But then, there was light, and getting out of the house with my mom. Whew. What a relief.


TLP said...

We've had a fun time lately haven't we? I loved the Conewago Trail. That was wonderful for me. I've been in a "rainy day again?" funk too.

But what a difference the sun makes!

The Arts Festival was great too. Beautiful stuff and even better food! Yum.

TLP said...

Oh, yeah, those yearbooks. What a mess. When I read about those in the paper, I first thought that the name changes HAD to be pranks. But, no, just the evil spell check at work.

Tom & Icy said...

Those long walks really are wonderful. I cherish the memories of many walks like that with loved ones that are now gone.

Doug said...

How are you supposed to find yourself if you keep changing the name of your blog?

Those yearbooks sure seem important when you get them. A couple years back I noticed mice were eating mine and still haven't moved it. My yearbook is now a decoy for my wiring.

Ariel the Thief said...

Yay for the light! That is a beautiful path.

I am fine with all future name changing, once I have lost the name I once learnt, I am forever lost. :-)

G said...

It's amazing what a good walk in the sunshine and an arts festival will do for the soul! Good for you. Poor kids - although I'm not sure where my yearbook is, I still would like my name spelled correctly.

Diesel said...

Sounds exhausting.

The Lazy Iguana said...

The new blog name is cool.

I was out in the boat Sunday. I went to a party sandbar. It was really nice.

Logophile said...

What a great walk!
I love that idea.
Anytime you start dwelling on dark things a little sunshine, some fresh air,a beautiful view, and time with someone who loves you are the perfect antidote.

Fred said...

Mom to the rescue. That mom.

pia said...

Just had to tell you what a wonderful post this is--and Mom's are so great for getting one away from ones self

I know you cherish it

Cheesemeister said...

You always need a human to double check the computer!