Saturday, May 03, 2008

all ears


1 : an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness

2 : a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being

I wasn't aware of the preferred definition for malaise. I think my general feeling these days is of the second definition's variety. It's hard to explain. Before I was laid off the last job, I was bored and miserable, and now I'm alternately bored and nervous. And sometimes irritated. It really is harder to make big changes as you age. My coworkers are so young that I have a hard time understanding them. I think that some of them are texting each other during the day, but I'm not sure. It would explain the amount of drama that goes on that I don't actually hear, but know is there.

And this batch of young people are going through big changes themselves, and by the end of summer, five of them will be gone: Ms. Bad Attitude is definitely out of here soon, two are leaving for college, and two have finished their classes and are embarking on different careers. The turnover will be interesting.

My cat is still driving me insane. Interestingly, the best cure for her carpet-wetting problems has been restricting her access to the basement when I am at home. Yes, the basement is where her litter box is, but she will let me know if she really needs to go down there, and I will supervise her. Otherwise, she's up to no good. We've also locked her in with her litter box a couple times right after her misbehavior, so she's not nearly so keen to go running down there, but when she does, she tends to head for the appropriate area more often. Of course, we've developed a broad definition of "appropriate area," but I can't complain. Things are better. However, the endless mewing is to be endured.

My favorite Italian restaurant lost its chef, and now the place is basically a great pizza place with a wonderful atmosphere and a great bar, but that's not worth driving all the way out there for. Their pizza was always good, but not really better than ABC's. The chef has his own digs nw, a place called Amuse, which showcases his and his sous chef's wonderful talents, but it lacks something in the atmosphere department, and is not (yet) wildly popular. I am mourning the demise of the original place, as it was. Nothing gold stays. It's possible that restaurants are a little too important to me.

About this evening: I hafta go to a workplace reception and awards show tonight. Actually, it wasn't absolutely mandatory, but there was some pressure to attend. I wouldn't mind, if I were allowed to take Mike, but it's only for employees. I think that's weird. We'll make the best of it, though; Mike will drop me off and pick me up, then we'll go out and have a nice time. I'll be dressed up, so we may as well. The awards show has a Kentucky Derby theme, for which my branch manager bought the straw hats, ribbons, and flowers, so we'll all have hat head by the end of the night. Of course, our hats are big enough to hide closed eyes, too. Did I mention how much I was looking forward to this?

Oh, no, I'm boring myself. Must be time to quit yammering.


Tom & Icy said...

That's interesting to think that texting is a new form of whispering gossip and makes us feel left out about what is going on.
Our Noname cat mews all the time and drives me crazy no matter what I do to try to satisfy her. I tell the dogs to go lay down and they go lay down and don't bother us any more.

TLP said...

Well, you didn't bore ME. So that's a good thing.

Hope the awards thingie wasn't too bad.

BTW, I'm sure you're right about the texting. People who do that are too young to work IMHO.

Doug said...

Yeah, I learned with great disappointment that you can rise to chief executive of a company and still have to go to those things. No more ambition from me.

Ariel the Thief said...

You never bore me.

That's an odd feeling. Sounds like you're waiting for something.

There should be a law about chefs.

Logophile said...

The defection of a chef is clearly sufficient cause for malaise, and if that was not reason enough then you have that awards banquet!
I love that cat in your avatar, btw. Very cute.
There are times when my dog will whine or hurumph at me and I can't figure out what she wants. It's rather distressing for both of us, I think. No fun
High drama with texting, sigh if it's not one thing it's another, hm?

Fred said...

No boredom here. I've been away for too long and am still trying to catch up on everything.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That's interesting, what you said about the chef who abandoned one restaurant only to surface at another (his own). I have seen this several times, and it has only worked once. Maybe the chefs aren't as good as they think they are.

tsduff said...

I dread those award thingies. Planned quite a few of them when I worked for a huge bank. They seem to be some kind of big phony society where people pretend that their work is more important than their home life. I suppose for some people it IS as important - I personally just never fit comfortably into that arena. I hope it was fun for you.

G said...

Terry, couldn't agree more on those things.

Nothing like those work related functions to cause an onset of malaise. I know from personal experience.

On a seperate note, I've tagged you for a meme which I hope (if you do) won't induce further malaise :)

Cheesemeister said...

Well crap, that's how I feel 99.9% of the time! And I malinger too.