Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Down to Earth

ACTONWIRE-- Polls are now closed. Voting did not take long in this precinct, due to the fact that there are not many democrats. Still, voter turnout was high. We will wake up to the earth-shattering news tomorrow.
The Boston Marathon happened yesterday, and this year happened to be the tenth year anniversary of my and the hubby's experience with it. It was the most fun I've ever had running. It was also the most beat-up I've ever felt afterwards, but it was just a blast, anyway. The scariest part of the day was the bus ride from Copley Square out to the starting line, because it seemed to take an awfully long time to get there. The actual starting line was right out in front of The Hopkinton Library, a charming place. From there, we ran through Ashland, Natick, and then Wellesley, where a horde of screaming girls turned out for their traditional supporting role. For the men. Women haven't been officially running Boston for long. Anyway, you can hear these women screaming a mile away, and that's not just an expression. After Wellesley, which is about the midpoint, the course gets tougher at Newton, which features a staircase-like climb that's often referred to as Heartbreak Hill. Actually, I did not feel bad until just after that, in Brookline. I felt really bad for about two miles at this point, but fortunately it was not long until I could see the Boston skyline, and that made it all better. Running is mental. The left turn onto Boylston Street was very exciting, and I felt as if I were running faster than I had all day, though I seriously doubt this was the case. Boylston Street seems to last forever, because the finish line is painted a bright yellow that is visible from far away. And there were so many people lined up along that street and hanging out of windows and so much yelling and whistling that the whole scene was visually and audibly overwhelming. When I was finished, I was elated, relieved, and immediately very stiff. Oh, and completely disoriented--I had to ask a mounted policeman to point me back to our hotel, which was embarrassingly close. It was a short walk that took me back to Mike, who had already showered and was attempting to nap. He runs fast.
Work is fine. I can't complain, and I don't, because it really does get easier all the time. Some of my very young coworkers see high drama in this place, but they don't know what drama is. Not yet. (shrug) A couple of them are incredibly immature, but all they can muster is mildly annoying. I'm not going to be giving out any more Certified or Napoleon awards. I hope.

My favorite youngin' has even mentioned a movie that I should see-Bee Movie! How did I neglect this one? The way she described it, with that lilt in her voice I just love, makes me think it might rival some of the funniest things I've ever seen. "It's like really violent, though. They shoot Winnie the Pooh with a tranquilizer gun." Oh, bother, I can't imitate her. And I don't blame the bees for shooting at Pooh--I mean, he like pretends to be a rain cloud and starts trying to get their honey. He's such a liar.

I hope it was a happy Earth Day weekend for everyone. I had an unexpected three-day weekend because my schedule got shifted to the right--I'm working this Saturday, and that's fine with me. It was nice having Monday off, and if I ever get a Wednesday off instead of a two day weekend, I will be fine with that. And it's really nice to feel this way, for once.


Tom & Icy said...

That run sounded like fun. You gave a great description, almost makes me want to get out and run. Almost. Maybe if I were younger. It's great that you now have a job that doesn't stress you out.

TLP said...

Even when you're in a nice work place, you can make it sound interesting!

That Pooh. He's a big trouble maker.

Ariel the Thief said...

Thank you for the run report, I loved it. This is just so exciting to see it through the eyes of a runner. In a great style, too. "He runs fast." cracked me up.

Tranquilizer gun against the slowest bear?

Saur♥Kraut said...

OK, now I have to see Bee Movie.

tsduff said...

I had the same picture picked out for Earth Day - until I found something else. Great minds think alike :-)

Doug said...

I thought Bee Movie was hilarious. And I don't like anyone who's in it especially, but it was really funny.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You ran the Boston Marathon!!!! Hooray on you (and your BH, too).

Jocelyn said...

Ooh, how nice to catch up with you. I've just not been making my rounds lately!

You sound so great, and the rememberance of running Boston was lovely. We have a good friend who flew from MN last week to run it; he got a PR of 2:55, so he's all jazzed!

G said...

Hip hip hooray for you and Mike! That's exciting. If you ever run NYC, you'll have a cheering section. Adrian ran it when Tali was just about one year old. I always loved Marathon day in NYC.

So now like i SHOULD see Bee movie because the kids might enjoy it. So glad to see you back.