Thursday, March 06, 2008


Up, down, good, bad. Meow. Meow. Meow. She's driving me crazy. I hear her jump from the toilet to the sink. Meow. Meow. Meow. It's the water-torture cat. She'll sit up there for a long time, occasionally letting out a long, loud meow. What's wrong with the water in her bowl? Or that water cooler thing we have for in downstairs? Huh? It's always something else she wants.

What? What. Do. You. Want?

Am I making fun of this, when I'm that way myself? I want to feel comfortable and loved all the time, too. Maybe she's had a long day, maybe her dreams aren't coming out right during all those naps, and maybe she's just feeling ignored and inadequate. She needs--something else. She can't put her paw on it, or tell me what she wants, she just does. Maybe it's all those opportunities missed, all the other things she could have done with her life, such as being an adventurous outdoor cat. Perhaps she's regretting and reliving all her mistakes, such as those times when she could not resist jumping up on the kitchen counter, or taking Mike's seat downstairs, or peeing on the carpet.

Sometimes, we do get those little things we yearn for. Sometimes, Serena does get to settle down in Mike's warm spot, when he's done with it. Sometimes, she gets some chicken-flavored water after I open a can of the stuff. Sometimes, I get to eat pizza and drink beer. Sometimes, being employed is easy, and I get to be lazy.

It's the little things that make life good, day by day. And things must be good at this instant, because my furry child is quiet. At least for now.


tsduff said...

Big Kitty used to make us turn the water on to a dribble in the sink, so she could drink fresh water. What an amazing trick to teach her humans, eh?

Doug said...

You make a good point. Epicures relate to dogs while malcontents are cat people. And then, glib platitude manufacturers follow politics.

ariel said...

I have changed my mind a dozen times whether you are talking about Serena or yourself. I still cannot tell. Can you?

Great short novel!

Minka said...

I love when you juts let furry little fuzzballs!

I find myself rather agreeably engaged these last days as well. maybe there's spring in the air :)

TLP said...

I agree. Completely. With Serena.

Tom & Icy said...

Cats seem to never be satisfied. The little noname cat is just like that. She stays with us a couple days, then goes next door and stays with them a few days. When we tell the dogs to shut up and go lay down, they do it. But the cat just stares with those big eyes and meows constantly. Even Icy goes over and licks its face to try and calm it down.
But on another level, your story does sound a like a metaphor or parable about Middle-age restlessness.