Tuesday, February 12, 2008

white washed

Somebody woke up our snow thrower. I wonder who it was? Back when I was a young kid, back in the seventies, it would rain when too many people sang the Johnny Appleseed Song. These days, that doesn't happen anymore. I don't know why. However, when we go until February without having that many cold days and only trace amounts of snow, but then suddenly get a good dose of both, you can bet somebody's been whistling some secret cold ditty. These people will claim that they don't make the snow, but I bet if we stayed up all night and kept vigil, we'd see The Snow Makers dancing around a bondfire singing silly chilly songs and beckoning the white stuff to fall from the heavens. And one of them slipped a note to Punxsutawney Phil, too. Phil never knew the answers when he was in prognosticating school, and he still doesn't.

All right, end of rant. It's here, and we can't do anything about it except shovel and throw. And scrap, and sweep, and bundle up. I must admit that it is pretty, when it's falling and I'm inside, as I was today. I got to watch it snow for hours, since I'm working in a fishbowl. And the confused seagulls that keep flying by look lovely in snow.

Did I say working? Well, I'll be working soon. Of all the new job starts I've had, this one has been the most gradual. I can tell that it will be the most careful shoehorn operation imaginable. And the other women at this bank are as pleasant as their surroundings. For the most part, anyway. Of course there's one with an attitude, but the quiet atmosphere keeps her from acting out very blatantly, and that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it. It's funny, though, the way she'll come in with more clothing catalogs and tabloid style magazines that she can possibly look through during her down time, which is any time she does not absolutely have to help somebody. Meanwhile, the teller to the left is boning up on her traffic laws after accruing too many points*, the teller to her right is studying biology notes, and the one on the far end is doing a crossword puzzle. They're all up to different things on a slow day, but everyone except that one tucks the notes away and gets to her feet every time a customer comes in the door. There's a rebel in every crowd.

* getting too many traffic tickets can result in being forced to retake the driver's exam.


Congrats to Herbie Hancock, who won The Best Album of the Year Grammy for his tribute to Joni Mitchell, River: The Joni Letters. Someone with good taste got me that CD for Christmas, and I am enjoying it.
In other news, The Shins were nominated for best alternative CD, but Wincing the Night Away did not win. I can't imagine why.

It's time to turn in. Happy Wednesday!


Kyahgirl said...

Happy Wednesday :-)
You don't actually eat those sugar/foam peeps things do you? If you do, get rid of that white one first...we can't have rebels around.

ariel said...

I second Kyah. Eat the white first.

Hancock rocks. One ignoring bankteller out of four is a pretty good rate. :-)

AP3 said...

Aw, golly, thanks. Glad you like it! And I'm glad he won! He's great.

I had forgotten completely about the Johnny Appleseed song! Huh. That's funny. He's from Leominster, Mass., you know, just north of me.

AP3 said...

I mean, I remember the song, forgot that it "causes rain".

Balou said...

I think the snow dancers moved from Wisconsin to your neck of the woods. I like your insights into bank teller world. I'll have to check out that Herbie Hancock Album. I can't believe I totally missed the grammies. I'll have to go see if Amy Winehouse performed without a hitch.

Doug said...

I eat peeps.

Joyeux Miercoles, Actonbelle!

TLP said...

I do so to not cause snow. I like lookin' at it is all.

But today, the ice storm made it too messy even for me. Ugh.

Bet you have lots of time on your hands at the bank today.

tsduff said...

Peeps gag me. But they are fun to look at.

G said...

That Shins cd is perfection from start to finish. I actually have to find mine...