Saturday, February 23, 2008

Welcome back

The robins are here! I just noticed them today when I was out for a little run, and I also noticed that there is a hawk in the same neighborhood. Every time that hawk flew to a different tree, all the robins retreated. The hawk was not invited to the before-spring homecoming.

They are pretty and tuneful birds, and they are making their presence known.

I have a Bird in spring
Which for myself doth sing –
The spring decoys.
And as the summer nears –
And as the Rose appears,
Robin is gone.

Yet do I not repine
Knowing that Bird of mine
Though flown –
Learneth beyond the sea
Melody new for me
And will return.

Fast is a safer hand
Held in a truer Land
Are mine –
And though they now depart,
Tell I my doubting heart
They’re thine.

In a serener Bright,
In a more golden light
I see
Each little doubt and fear,
Each little discord here

Then will I not repine,
Knowing that Bird of mine
Though flown
Shall in a distant tree
Bright melody for me

--Emily Dickinson


ariel said...

What a pretty thing! Do they leave when summer comes?

TLP said...

You are so refined.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You ever see a Varied Thrush? Looks a lot like a Robin, only prettier.

From Rob, With Love. said...

Lord, its beautiful, isn't it? Motorcycle weather is coming soon too!

Balou said...

Oh I can't wait to see them return! Glad to know they're on the way!

Doug said...

I've recently had cause to start appreciating Emily Dickinson, robins being a natural appreciatee. So a question to those of you more literate than I, which, if you write or read this blog pretty much means you: Was Emily Dickinson history's sweetest curmudgeon?

AP3 said...

SEE! Here you go, bein' refined even on your NON-refined blog!

ariel said...

Doug, that's the sweetest question. :-P

tsduff said...

What a glorious picture - and yes, the robins are back in California full force as well. I have a hawthorne tree, loaded with red berries. The robins are so big, they cannot land on the small twigs which bear the berries. So the robins go flying in mid air, catching and snatching berries in funny twists and turns. They are the first birds chirping me away in the morning, with their melodic songs - kind of like winter's mockingbirds.

Old Horse Tail Snake - nobody sees a varied thrush - unless you get lucky :) They like to sing in the privacy of their own bush.

Jamie Dawn said...

I love birdies! I want to get some feeders, so I can bird watch. I love it when I see a bright red cardinal.