Sunday, February 24, 2008


Our favorite place to rent videos is gone and selling off the last of their inventory as I sit here. Since we had a Christmas gift certificate to rent movies there, we decided to buy some of the movies we've enjoyed over the years, and are now enjoying them again:

First up: Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. This movie is hilarious, and manages to make fun of absolutely everybody with surprising intelligence. I think I laughed hardest at the scenes involving the bear. I cringed while laughing at some parts, but I laughed, all the same.

The man behind the ingenious invention of Borat's character is Sasha Baron Cohen. When I heard him interviewed by Terry Gross, I was shocked at how refined was, how nothing about his voice or accent was reminiscent of Borat at all. He was educated in Cambridge and though this was the first I'd heard of him, Baron Cohen has had a successful comedy career for quite some time!
This interview shows Sasha Baron Cohen as himself:

More recently, he has appeared as Signor Adolfo Pirelli in Sweeney Todd, a movie I cannot see because there's too much blood.

We have also taken a second look at Lost in Translation. I'd actually forgotten how good this was. Bill Murray's dry humor style is always a treat, Scarlett Johansson is smart and charming, and the Tokyo scenery is fascinating. Murray and Johansson both play characters who are currently in uncomfortable places in their lives, and for a few days, they are able to find some comfort in each other.Both of them seem very natural in these roles.


Ariel the Thief said...

I am still planning to see Borat!. :-)

I loved Lost in Translation. It'd have been so easy to spoil it, but she did not. I read it was decided to be one of the world's most boring movies by some newspaper. Maybe got the first place, even? Wonderful movie. Wonderful Bill Murray.

TLP said...

I had no idea that Sasha Baron Cohen was cute and funny! Thanks for that clip.

Minka said...

Ali G...sometimes i get very surprised when the USA is behind in teh entertainment industry. Alig alias Sasha Baren Cohen has rocked the European world for years. You can only be that dry witted when you actually are really smart. He's brilliant. I recommend seeing some old Ali G shows!

Doug said...

This is funny: The blood in Sweeney Todd didn't bother me, in fact I fell asleep during the film and had to be shaken awake to stop my snoring. But naked man wrestling creeps me out.

Minka, you'll be glad to hear Ali G was on HBO years ago.