Sunday, February 03, 2008

just throw stuff at me

I haven't spoken to my mother all week! It's been a busy week, but still. Yesterday was a study day, since I'm being quizzed tomorrow about how much information I've retained during my first week of training, and it's been enough to make my head spin.

It's an entry level customer service type job, not a high-paying professional job, but one that gets a much different reaction from people than, say, retail clerk. I find that as interesting as the training. I'm training to be a bank teller. As long as I never reveal which of the many banks in this area I'm working for, or write anything malicious or reveal any confidential information about the company, I don't see any reason not to write about the experience.

In fact, at this point, I have nothing but admiration for this company. The marketing and attitude is spot-on, and there is no ambiguity about what they want from us. I appreciate that.

More about the training later, but on the subject of advertising and marketing....

We got an advertisement in the mail for LA Fitness. Look at these ads!

That's the front cover, and when it's opened, here's the rest:

Um, do you find this intimidating, or is it just me? I just know that someone there is going to be swimming laps in that little purple number, or spinning in those stylin' yellow arm gloves. They are offering a free trial week, but they would have to pay me for the humiliation of pulling on a pair of shorts in front of these people. Besides, I don't think I'm in their age demographic, and it's possible that this ad is targeting singles, as well.

Did LA Fitness mean to communicate that, I wonder? ARE they selling a meat-market to people who already look like they've been working out, or is this an advertising blunder?

It's Super Bowl Sunday, as we all know, and all I really want to do is watch the commercials. I hardly ever see commercials because I hardly ever watch TV, so I want to see what advertisers are paying big bucks to show! And since we will have a very full house and we have a very small TV, I might have to be pushy to see them. Or maybe I'll catch them on YouTube. It's very nice of people to visit us, when all we can offer is a TV that's not much bigger than our monitor. And food, but we're not as talented as Ratatouille, or anything. Oh, yeah, and there's gonna be some beer.

There will be fifteen, 15, fifteen people in this house this evening. It will be a record.


TLP said...

You've had 15 people at one of the family picnics, no? Of course, that's mostly on the patio and in the back yard.

15 is a lot, but your TV room is large, even if the TV is a normal-sized one. So, with the open (and real) bar and food, all will be well. You know that one year I recorded the Super Bowl and then fast-forwarded through it just to watch the commercials. This year I will find the game itself interesting.

I have avoided calling you 'cause I knew you'd be tired everyday. A new job is always so tiring.

Doug said...

Hey, that sounds like a good job. I always thought that would be because most tellers I know are really good at their jobs and people tend to suck at sucky jobs,

Really? Super Bowl Sunday? Today? Huh.

ariel said...

Really, if we don't know which bank you work for, how will we avoid to rob it and get you into an awkward situation? I'm glad you enjoy the training, the job looks fine.

I think those ads work this way: you believe you're gonna look like that in 4 weeks if you come to our gym, so you pay a lot, then will stop coming after the first week, but you'll feel ashamed to ask for your money back.

AP3 said...

Hope you enjoyed the party. It certainly was an entertaining Super Bowl, I'd say. Though the commercials were subpar.

I'm glad you're liking the job so far!

G said...

Yes the game was indeed better than the commercials. Of course we discussed the halftime activities which we both enjoyed.

You'll be the best teller ever and as long as you don't mention names...

Bone said...

I think the most people I've ever had over was like 13, at Festivus a couple of years ago :)

Congrats on the new job. I've always heard most banks are good about promoting from within.

Sean P. Farley said...

Yes, do NOT write specifics about your company or people in particular. I wrote about a very innocent crush I had on a professor of mine (an ASL professor as American Sign Language is my major) and guess what? The head of the Interpreter Training Department emailed me and asked me to remove said professor's name. Hmmm. Nice. Ironically she's now MY boss as I work in the ASL Lab. GO figure. But back to the job thing...I find it much more interesting to say I'm and ASL Lab Tech rather than I sit and help students with vocab and stuff. Ah, life.

Doug said...

By the way, Actonbell, I couldn't decide whether to admit this, but, having noticed you weren't telling us anything about the new job, I thought my blogcation game would be "Write Actonbell's Job Description." You kind of hurt me there, although we still have "describe Pia's South Carolina floor plan."

Minka said...

The advert would do nothing but pull me away from average Joe/or Josephine would show their sweats and extra fluff in those circles.

Was there beer, really?
You drink beer?

Rhea said...

I believe LA Fitness caters to an upscale clientele. The images they have in their brochure probably represent exactly the kind of customer they are seeking. I have an LA Fitness near me in Boston and I won a free week but never went. Too intimidated.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Take a vote, see how many saw the game. Or the commercials, for that matter.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Wow. Those ads are creepy.

Good luck with the new job training, chica!

Jocelyn said...

Those ads strike me as dumb more than anything...who can wear those close and actually, you know, run?

Good luck with this intense training!

Kyahgirl said...

hey, congrats on the new job. Isn't it fun to start something new and different?

the fitness ads are funny and yes, intimidating. Almost like they are advertising some off kilter matchmaking business.