Saturday, February 16, 2008

The first week ends

First off, there IS a typo in the post below; the eccentric old guy who wanted the quarters was in fact depositing $160.00, not $160.83. You see how tired I am:) The bank's computer system would have pointed out that kind of mistake, too. Thank goodness.

Speaking of eccentric people, one of my head tellers is plagued by a man who comes in and wants to exchange some of the bills in his wallet with ones that were minted in liberal states--that's right, folks, he won't be havin' any of those red state bills. Head teller#1 was busy and told him so, but he was willing to wait. This seems like harassment to me. It certainly drives her nuts.

The management where I work--my branch manager, her assistant, and the customer service reps-- are all very nice. From what I hear, I'm lucky to be a newbie at this particular branch, mostly because of that. A few customers have been testy with me because I'm slower that the others, but--it can't be helped. Everyone's got to learn what they do by doing it until it's second nature. It's not pleasant being new, but I'm old enough now to let stuff roll off my back and to know that this shall pass. I won't be having trouble with my coworkers, at least. They've all been very helpful. One of them told me, "you'll be fine in a month, but before then you'll make some mistakes, but they can all be fixed." I'll try not to hold my breath.


I get the Lance Burton Fan letter, and the first sentence gave me a good laugh:

After an accidental fire on the rooftop of the Monte Carlo on Friday, Jan. 25, Lance Burton will re-appear on Friday, Feb. 15 and return to his regular schedule in time for President's Day Weekend.

For those of you who appreciate a good dangling modifier. Or maybe I'm in a funny mood.

Are video rental stores in your area disappearing? They seem to be, in my neck of the woods. 3D & Nod gave Mike and I a very nice gift certificate to the one near us for Christmas, and we're now shopping to buy some movies, because they are going out of business and selling everything next week, even the signs and posters. (We won't be buying any signs or posters.)

It's a bright and sunny day outside, but I'm very sleepy! That's what a big transition can do to me. I think I'll go take a nap.


ariel said...

It's good that you are nice to yourself! Being new is being new, it's going to be over.

Old costumers have their fave people. ;-)

TLP said...

Well, I miss the crazy people at your old job...but I can't have everything.

Cheesemeister said...

I'm often sleepy on bright sunny days but that's because I work graveyard shift.