Friday, January 04, 2008


Now that I'm looking for a job, I will try to steer away from another disaster. Really. I'll be more careful about making what I hope to be my final job decision. After all, I'm middle-aged, it's really time to get serious and stay put. And find a situation that won't tax my delicate hide constitution.

My last day went by quickly, especially since it was only four hours long, and I survived hugging a whole bunch of people, including a supervisor I hardly know, and accepted two free t-shirts emblazoned with the last two names the company had. I accepted them graciously, too, even though I don't want the darned things at all and suspect they were being unloaded on us. I turned my harness in to my work leader, and stood in wonder that they wanted a four year old piece of junk that had been altered to fit ME and permanent-markered with MY name on it. I would have thrown it away for them. I turned in my badge and got out before another hugfest started.

*Phew* (looking left and right)

Now it's time to get serious!


ariel said...

Is that a picture of your boat 30 minutes after you made that small hole in the floor with your heels during the landing?

Emblazoned t-shirts, hugfest, your name markered, they couldn't just say good-bye, eh? :-)

Tom & Icy said...

After reading your blogs for years, it is obvious you are a smart cookie, smarter than the average cookie. But when I think about all the places I've worked, it seems the really stupid people get the supervisor kind of jobs. Maybe they had the right friends or relatives or something. I could never figure it out. I mean, look at the government jobs, even the Presidency and Congressmen. How'd them guys get there? There must be some kind of trick to it.

Doug said...

I want double-time before I'll hug anyone. And a harassment waiver.

Rather than get serious, I recommend funny. It's easy to find people who will judge you as funny, much harder to be taken seriously.

TLP said...

It is funny about that harness. They're not going to find another as thin as you for that. Weird.

TGIO: Thank god it's over.

Nessa said...

I say play for a while. Serious will catch up with you.

The Lazy Iguana said...

They wanted your harness? So much for using it as a Halloween costume.

I would suggest filing for unemployment right away. You paid into it - or the company paid into it. Might as well get some.

Minka said...

it's get to move on and it sounds like it is about time.
Take your time to figure out the next step...if you want it to be big.

G said...

Love the picture. I'm with the "take your time" crowd even though I selfishly can't wait to hear about your next step. Enjoy the process.